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Since I moved here, to Port Alberni in 2015, my life has become more meaningful and more fulfilling. I have had so many wonderful life-changing experiences that I want to share with the whole world. Thanks to the wonder of technology and social media I am able to do just that. My personal W.A.V.E, Wonderful Alberni Valley Experience, is made up of places, events, and memories, but most of all encounters and interactions with very special and very interesting people in this community who have such big, warm and generous hearts.

So many negative things have been said about Port Alberni and it got me thinking. Why should the nay-sayers have the louder voice? I have a lot of good things to say about this community, and I have so much I want to share. So with this as my inspiration, I created THE WAVE, meaning, The Wonderful Alberni Valley Experience.

​I have taken it upon myself to make it my mission to tell the world about this piece of paradise I now live in, this beautiful valley and wonderful community that I now call home. In a short span of time I have come across so many interesting people and have had so many wonderful experiences that have enriched my life in ways I have never imagined possible. I’ve met people from all over Canada and different parts of the world, visiting, passing through or even moving to Port Alberni, who have equally interesting stories to tell. These are the stories I want to share, with the hope of touching and enriching the lives of others as they have mine.

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