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The Undefined Creator is a web show created and presented by Colton Nelson. The show doesn't have a set format other than its content is whatever Colton Nelson wants to make. Colton has previously made vlogs, interviews and sketch comedies.

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About the Creator

Colton Nelson

Colton Nelson is the multi-talented creator behind a number of web shows, including No Dress Code, Locked In, The Undefined Creator and more. He is the producer of Queer View Mirror, and is an author, music producer and business man.

Production of the Show & Details

In late 2019, Colton wanted to record an audio vlog of humorous events in his life, using stock footage and animation, which sparked the idea for a series called Tales of a Gay Robot. He began writing the scripts during the 2020 pandemic, but later dropped the idea because it would take too long (3 months) to produce each episode.

In July 2020, Colton and RCN Media announced that they would create a vlog based on Colton's life and it would be titled The Undefined Creator. The series is set to enter pre-production in August 2020, with production following closely thereafter.

The first episode was finalized on October 23, 2020 and set to release that same month.

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