robbie van's


Star of the Stage



Artist: Robbie Van

Label: RCN Media (Music)

Release Date: December 15, 2020

10 Songs

Track Listing


1. Star of the Stage

2. Can You Keep a Secret

3. Pop Rocket

4. Release and Let Go

5. The Crucible

6. Ride on the Rhythm

7. Word Pictures

8. Ah, Showbiz

9. Unbelievable

10. Risen



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About Robbie Van

My lyrics and poems are an eclectic mix of musical genres: rock, blues, jazz, reggae and rap/spoken word. As a transgender woman with music constantly in my mind, the spark to the song “Trans Sister Radio” depicts my hopes and dreams of changing the anger-based world by flooding it with the light of love. So Let Your Love Light Shine!


I am currently available to perform in clubs, lounges, festivals, and small theatres throughout Vancouver Island. The Robbie Van Experience will tailor to suit your needs and audience. I seek to have your patrons leave with a feeling of happiness, positive energy, and a connected love experience to the universe.

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