RCN Shorts

RCN Media Shorts

a new kind of reading

Wanna read, but don't want to commit to a while book? Try RCN Shorts. Short Stories that are less than 50 pages and cost less than a fifth of a full length novel.

A Nickel a Bucket

Author: Laura Sturgeon

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Pages: 48

Imprint: RCN Shorts

It is the era of the Great Depression and apple picking season is coming to an end. Fifteen-year-old James Lemley and his family works tirelessly from sun-up until dinnertime picking as many apples as they can to earn a small wage, afford food and save up enough money for when it comes time to move on. But where will they end up next? When every year is a different location, a different farm, the Burchett farm is their only constant. Unfortunately, James is seriously injured, disallowing him to contribute to the family income. Is the Lemley family doomed to a life of continued poverty or will their luck soon turn around?

Just Being Human

Author: Colton Nelson

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Pages: 60

Imprint: RCN Shorts

We all live day to day, sometimes paycheck to paycheck. But, when Benson Scott stumbles upon success, he discovers three important things: a dream job doesn’t equal fulfillment, the most human moments are followed by humor, and, finally, horny ducks really love weddings.

Funny, smart, and engaging... a coming-of-age story not only for Benson Scott, but also his duck.

"Just Being Human is a delightful read! I found myself smiling and even grinning as I read. I am looking forward to the next humorous twist." Shelley Penner, bestselling author of the Haven Hold Series

King of Dhamma

Author: Huei Lin

Release Date: July 28, 2020

Pages: 24

Imprint: RCN Shorts

Partway through a silent meditation retreat, one attendee has a puzzling encounter with a dead man which shatters the monotony of his daily routine. When an old TV turns itself on one night and the dead man appears on the screen, a young writer’s reality starts to bend in startling new directions. His new companion preaches unorthodox wisdom that blurs the line between earthly pleasures and spiritual awakening— delivering a series of lectures that baffle and titillate with their straightforward love of sin. The young protégé becomes obsessed with this phantom, staking out the TV room at the end of each day in order to catch a glimpse of the elusive guru behind the screen. Their conversations are by turns playful and irreverent— and always thought-provoking. In the end, nothing is what it appears to be.

A Kind of Seeing

Author: Shelley Penner

Release Date: August 25, 2020

Pages: 32

Imprint: RCN Shorts

Will Carrick, the son and heir to Laird Carrick, remains depressed and lost after getting blinded in a riding accident a year earlier. His grandmother, Old Anna, is a clairvoyant. When she tells him he must go on a quest to find a vocation, the idea of refusing never even occurs to him, though the prospect fills him with dread. She tells him he may take one companion with him as a guide. Will chooses young Sparrow, an orphaned stableboy new to the castle and essentially a stranger to him. To help Will on the journey, Old Anna has given him a talisman, a pebble she says will give him 'a kind of sight'.