a novella

Just Being Human

Author: Colton Nelson

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Pages: 60

Imprint: RCN Shorts

We all live day to day, sometimes paycheck to paycheck. But, when Benson Scott stumbles upon success, he discovers three important things: a dream job doesn’t equal fulfillment, the most human moments are followed by humor, and, finally, horny ducks really love weddings.

Funny, smart, and engaging... a coming-of-age story not only for Benson Scott, but also his duck.

"Just Being Human is a delightful read! I found myself smiling and even grinning as I read. I am looking forward to the next humorous twist." Shelley Penner, bestselling author of the Haven Hold Series

What Readers Are Saying

"Laughs abound in this romantic tale involving careers, families, weddings, babies and...duck. A fun, delightful read." - Laura Sturgeon, Young Adult Novelist

"Just Being Human captures the hilarious calamities that can befall two quirky characters--an eccentric Canadian filmmaker and an LA diva--as they navigate the treacherous waters between first impetuous love and parenthood. Nelson throws in a botched proposal, a wedding segregated along family lines, and some lovesick waterfowl to ramp up the comedy and keep the reader smiling from first page to last." - Derek Hanebery, Best Selling Co-Author of Both Sides Now

"A quirky, endearing relationship, filled with humour, real life challenges, and a personality-plus Duck. That might be all Benson needs in his life. After all, it really is the simple things that count. Find out how this multi-leveled character meets and greets life with its inevitable challenges. Reading "Just Being Human" is nourishment for the soul and a look in the mirror. Colton Nelson's character and relationship portrayal make us laugh out loud while pulling at our heartstrings. I can't wait for the next chapters!" - Gail Morton, Best Selling Kids book Author

"I found it delightful. The humour brought tears to my eyes and I have great respect for Colton understanding of the human condition at such a young age. I loved the duck! I loved the relationship between Sarah and Benson -- it's too true! I felt the ending set just the right tone and left me wanting more. Having just read Colton's other stories and enjoyed them I was blown away by Colton's new maturity in this publication. My only complaint is that I didn't want it to be over. This deserves to be a full length novel! Well done!" - Dave Morton

"Just Being Human is a unique story about a young man who finds unexpected success and does what he can to navigate through everything it brings into his life... including a feathered friend who makes things all the more interesting!" -Anonymous

"Just Being Human is a delightful read! I found myself smiling and even grinning as I read. I am looking forward to the next humorous twist." - Shelley Penner, bestselling author of the Haven Hold Series



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Colton Nelson is a novelist and script writer, and a music, web show, and short film producer and director. His extensive credits include being the creator, show runner and head script writer for the RCN Media show No Dress Code. In 2015 Colton Nelson wrote his first short story Feelings which he posted onto his online blog and it generated more than 3 million reads and sales. In 2015, Colton launched RCN Media, a publishing, marketing and distribution company for books, music, web shows, blogs, short films, and more. He currently works for RCN Media as the CEO and head of book publishing, where he is heavily involved with his and the company’s projects. Across all media, his content, both personal and for RCN Media, has been consumed more than 17.5 million times. Colton lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he is contemplating getting a duck tattoo.