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Kay J Douglas is a North American author known for her best selling children's books series the Adventures of Bob and Avery. She is currently at work on her first novel for young adult novel and the second Bob and Avery Novel. She unwillingly lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her boyfriend and the real Bob and Avery.

Along with writing Kay J Douglas also lends her voice for the RCN Media web show No Dress Code Seasons 2 and 3. Find the episodes here.

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The Adventures of Bob and Avery

Bob and Avery Go to Space

The Adventures of Bob and Avery: Book 2

Written by Kay J Douglas & Illustrated by Eric Gardiner

Release: November 10, 2020

The squeal to the best selling Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch. Join Bob and Avery as they go to space! See the return of the famous cats, along with Kay J Douglas and Eric Gardiner .

Released: October 08, 2019

Pages: 40

#1 Amazon Halloween Children's Best Seller

Book 1 in the Best Selling Children's Book Series Bob & Avery

Two cats, Bob and Avery, spend their Halloween searching for Helga the Witch’s friend Bones the Skeleton. Join them on their spooky adventure around town and say hello to festive friends along the way!

Beautifully illustrated by the amazing Eric Gardiner and includes a forward by Colton Nelson

Kay's Blog Posts

Here's to 27

The Online Commentary - Kay J Douglas

Published: September 09, 2019

It’s nearly time for the release of my very first book Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch!! Our incredible illustrator Eric has finished all the images for the book and thanks to the great efforts of this amazing team we got the text put into a first draft . . .

An Author's Dream

The Online Commentary - Kay J Douglas

Published: August 28, 2019

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Even just as a little kid in my favorite purple crayon (Purple Mountain Majesty - not plum ) I remember writing stories, mostly about princesses, and pretending my story was my real . . .

No Dress Code Episodes

All the episodes that Kay J Douglas lent her voice for. She did an amazing job, check them out.

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