Colton Nelson is a novelist and script writer, and a music, web show, and short film producer and director. His extensive credits include being the creator, show runner and head script writer for the RCN Media show No Dress Code. In 2015 Colton Nelson wrote his first short story Feelings which he posted onto his online blog and it generated more than 3 million reads and sales. In 2015, Colton launched RCN Media, a publishing, marketing and distribution company for books, music, web shows, blogs, short films, and more. He currently works for RCN Media as the CEO and head of book publishing, where he is heavily involved with his and the company’s projects. Across all media, his content, both personal and for RCN Media, has been consumed more than 17.5 million times. Colton lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he is contemplating getting a duck tattoo.

Just Being Human


Release Date: August 18, 2020

Publisher: RCN Media

Author: Colton Nelson

Pages: 60

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2020-2028, Just Being Human, The Online Commentary, Quick Update, and more

February 06, 2020

It’s been a while since I made one of these. So, a lot has changed since then. First, how I am going to be releasing my books has changed. And just to let everyone know, everything I predict is never set in stone and always changes. This is just what I currently have planned. I would like to stick to what I am posting here, but who knows.


Firstly. I while back I wrote a novel called The Beauty of Time. It was scrapped because it wouldn’t male a good stand alone novel. A friend of mine were talking about it and we came up with an idea to turn it into a graphic novel, with my friend doing the illustrations. So, she is hard at work at story boarding that as we speak. And that should be released in 2021.

I have had a lot of novellas in the works for the longest time. I was planning on releasing the novellas as standalones, but as of right now they are going to be written for collections. 2-5 novellas per collection is the plan, with the theme attached to them. So, there is a science fiction themed one and a contemporary themed one. I may find that they are going to be release as standalones once they are finished, but most of them, as of yet, would work better in a collection. So, the novella Beyond Our World will be release in a few years instead of in July 2020.

I am going to go back to work on my 2-part novel Just Being Human. This book will be written as one novel and released as 2. The plan is to finish that in 2021 and get a jump start on The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes and hopefully finish that by the end of 2022 and then spend some time working on novellas and finishing up the 2 collections by the end of 2024. This would make me 2 years ahead of my release schedule, which is what I want. I then would like to spend some time on projects that I come up with in the next 5 years. This would bring me to 2026 where I will spend this year writing a novel called Everybody Comes Back (name to be changed). Then come January 2027 I will start my new series that will be released yearly starting July 2028.

As for the year and a half I will spend on projects that I will conceive within the next 5 years, those will find a release date home at one point. At this point, I just don’t know how good they will be. So we will see.


As for publishing. I own my publishing company RCN Media, which publishes other people’s books too. I am full hands on with these books and they do take up a lot of my time. But they are a lot of fun. It sucks because it limits me. I don’t have time to do my own writing because I’m focused on publishing. But hey, I can’t complain, this is my dream job. We published our first book (kids) Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch in October of last year with moderate success. We plan on publishing out first adult novel Both Sides Now in April of this year. With more books coming soon.


The Online Commentary has had a lot of stress last year. It was cancelled and then brought back with more team members, which made the show a success, but then the team members didn’t sign on for another season. But that being said, I managed to do the first season all by myself, so I am sure I can do it again. Season 3 was renewed back in October 2019 and is set for a summer premiere of 2020. That should be around 10 episodes. I am also in the works to start a second YouTube show, but that is in the early developments.


So, for right now, I have many books in the works to be published. I am trying to write one book a year right now and write and produce 2 web shows a year. A lot of one guy. But like I said, I can’t complain. This is my dream job, and I love it.

This is my personal release schedule for the next while. Again, it’s subject to change.

  1. The Beauty of Time Graphic Novel - illustrated by Kaitlyn Powell (July 20, 2021)

  2. Everything Hurts (2022)

  3. Just Being Human (July 12, 2022)

  4. Just Being Human Sequel (July 18, 2023)

  5. The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes (July 16, 2024)

  6. Unnamed Science Fiction Fantasy Novella Collection (July 22, 2025)

  7. Unnamed Novella Collection (July 14, 2026)

  8. Everybody Comes Back (July 20, 2027)

  9. Unnamed New Series Book 1 (July 18, 2028)

Colton Nelson

February 06, 2020

Beyond Our World and major updates

October 16, 2019

I have come to the conclusion that I will stop working on the novel the Beauty of Time. I will not get into the reason why, but it has been officially pulled from the line up of books for RCN Media, or anywhere. Sorry for anybody who was looking forward to that.

I will be at work on my personal short story collection called Beyond Our World, which is set to take its release place: April 28, 2020

This collection has been in the works since I started writing. It will include my first "good" short story I have ever written Feelings (a bestseller). It will also include some light natured stories like Kind. And then on the darker side, there will be The Last Smile, Bones Turned to Ash, and Beyond Our World. All of these have been written before I wanted to make this collection. Some dating back to 2015. I will also be including a long short story that will compliment that other stories and take on its own separate theme. This one will be written for the collection.

I am hard at work at trying to publish work for you guys. Also very hard at work at trying to write books and short stories. And I want to bring the best of the best to you. That's one reason why I pulled the novel I was working on. But it's also hard to juggle both of them, so just beware.

I will be working on a short story that will be about 13,000 words. That's my current personal project. Like I said, April is the release date for that. Then I want to work on my novel The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes and Just Being Human.

As for publishing. I can't say much, but I can say that I work on production for every novel I publish. So it's very time-consuming. But a lot of fun.

My plan is to be able to have a book of mine out each year. Hopefully it'll work, we shall see.

Colton Nelson

October 16, 2019

I am a busy boy: a September update

September 11, 2019

So, I think I need to stop giving out release dates for my books before they are finished. I have been hard at work on the Beauty of Time. I will say that it won't be coming out in 2019 as I thought it could. Part 1 of 2 is finished and I have started to go through what I already have for part 2, and I am realizing that most of it will be thrown out. This means that 25% of the novel will be rewritten. I mean, this is good. I am glad. But it does mean it will be pushed back. I won't give an exact date for release, but I play on an early 2020 release, but that could change. The book is 54% done as of writing this post and is quickly moving to 100%.

I have been up to a lot this summer. I am publishing a kid's book under RCN Media publishing company. (RCN Media is my company I should say). The kid's book is by Kay J Douglas, RCN Media's first author outside of me. Since I am the publisher I have very active in the development and promotion and marketing. This book is the first in a series. The plan is t have 2 books per year. The first one I have been at work on since May 2019 and will be coming out on October 08, 2019. I will be writing a foreword for the novel.

The Online Commentary was canceled after 4 episodes of season 2. But after making a deal I was able to have the show brought back for another 11 episodes and a plan to get better ratings. This means a new voice over person and a new animator. The show comes back on September 22, 2019. It needs to do very well to have a third season, so let's hope.

Since the Beauty of Time will not be coming out November 19, 2019 I have found some authors and old short stories of mine and we got together to make you an epic short story collection. It's called From Thoughts for Words and comes out November 19.

Thanks a quick update.

Colton Nelson

September 11, 2019

July 2019 Update on my writing, things have changed.

July 12, 2019

The Beauty of Time is my current book and it's going along very well. We are currently sitting at 65% and have only 17,000 more words to go. It's looking like a November 2019 release date will work. I am having a lot of fun writing it. The book is split into two parts, part 1 is very different from part 2 and has very different modes and genres. Part 1 is sitting at 85% done. Part 2 is already 47% finished. The novel should be finished by October 01, 2019 for a release date of November 19, 2019.

Once that is finished I will jump back into Just Being Human, which will be split into two books but written as one book. The outline calls for about 125,000 - 350,000 words. I was going to release it as just one big book but it really calls for one book. I have not added any more to the timeline as in the book(s) still take place from Benson at 18 until he is about 30. I did extend the outline and will add in way more chapters describing events in his life instead of skipping over them. It'll all make sense when you read it. Book 1 will be called Just Being Human and Book 2 will be named The Effects of Being Human.

The plan is to write the book as a whole and release them in two books six months to a year apart.

But I don't want to lie, I do have another book I really want to write, and that's the Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes.

So my whole writing schedule is so screwed up. I want to write all these books and I feel like I committed to writing The Beauty of Time and then writing Just Being Human. After which, jumping into The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes. But I just don't know. So what I am going to do is give you a few release plans based on what could happen.

Most Likely

The Beauty of Time (November 19, 2019)

Just Being Human (November 2020)

The Effects of Being Human (May 2021)

The Lies are Hidden in the Eyes (November 2021)

Unnamed book (November 2022)

Unnamed Book (November 2023)

Or this could happen

The Beauty of Time (November 19, 2019)

The Lies are Hidden in the Eyes (November 2020)

Just Being Human (November 2021)

The Effects of Being Human (May 2022)

Unnamed Book (November 2024)

Unnamed Book (November 2025)

After the four books are finished on my contract (The Beauty of Time, Just Being Human, The Effects of Being Human and The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes) I need at least a year to write my next book. I know it looks like the math on writing the books don't add up when you compare the plans but trust me, it does.

I like my November release dates. In the future that will be when I will release my books unless I have an extra book in one year, which will happen every few years. In three years I could write four books. For a book around 50,000 - 75,000 words takes me only 6 - 10 months. But there will be times when I need a few month break from writing, that's why plan 2 has an 18-month break in between books. But by the time the unnamed book 2 is out unnamed book 3 will almost be finished, so, eh. Whatever.

Colton Nelson

July 12, 2019

Updates: Round 2 of the Online Commentary!, Just Being Human, Other Novels & More

May 11, 2019

I am proud to announce that RCN Media has renewed The Online Commentary for a second season! Season 2 is in the works and will consist of at least 10 episodes, but will probably go up to 20, it all depends on how the production is going.

My role in the series will change a bit. Instead of having me do all the production, RCN Media will hire more scriptwriters, audio actors, and hopefully more animators. I will still be writing scripts, recording audio, and all the good stuff, just not with all the episodes.

I am still the creator of the series and will serve as showrunner. I have the final say, and I will be the one who picks the new employes. It's 100% still my show. I just need help with it.

I am currently writing my book Just Being Human. The deadline is for it to be finished by October 01, 2019. The novel hasn't even been completed with an official first draft. Yes, the progress bar says the third draft right now, but that just means I have changed my way of approaching the novel twice. The novel currently sits at 44,000 words and I believe that it's about 60-70% finished. It's just a matter of filling in the gaps. I want to have the draft finished by June.

An episode of the Online Commentary takes about 5 days to make. That's with a full-time job and family. There are times when I can research, write, edit, record audio, edit audio, animate and polish an episode in a day, but it's so rare for me to have a full day I can commit to an episode.

The Online Commentary will start production today for season 2, with the hopes to have it airing in the summertime, weekly on Sundays, on YouTube! Season 1 is finished.

I have written other novels. Though they are not 100% complete yet. The Beauty of Time is a novella I have been wanting to extend into a novel for a while, but it keeps being pushed back. It was planned for this year, but my editor had one look at Just Being Human and fell in love with it. (And that's saying a lot). So the plan is to have Just Being Human published in November 2019 (it may be pushed back) and have the Beauty of Time published in late 2020.

I am also at work on a new novel, the working title is The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes. That one is on hold due to rewrites on Just Being Human. Once Just Being Human is done, I'll jump back into it. Or I'll jump into The Beauty of Time. It all depends on how good The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes ends up being.

Here is the release plan I have for the next little while. Now this plan is subject to change, and probably will. I may end up making a post tomorrow saying something new. Nothing is set in stone until it's already finished 100%.

June 2019 - October 2019 The Online Commentary Season 2

November 2019 Just Being Human

May 2020 The Beauty of Time

November 2020/May 2021 The Lies Are Hidden in the Eyes

If the TheOC is renewed for a third season then it will end up in there for a 2020 release date.

I plan on one book a year if I can. What I really want is to have a book every six months. A novel every 12 - 18 months and novella every 6-12 months.

Colton Nelson

May 11, 2019

About Colton Nelson & History

Colton Nelson is a jack of all trades, but his main focus is writing, whether it be a short story, a novel, movie/tv script, music, comedy acts, or YouTube videos.

In 2015 Colton Nelson launched his first company RCN Media, a multimedia company for distribution of music, books, and web shows. RCN Media acts as a book publisher, record label, and production company for a number of YouTube channels.

In late 2017 Colton created the blog The Online Commentary, he was the main writer for the blog that talked about movies, TV Shows, music and pop culture. He wrote over 30 blog posts for the website before the project was abandon in the summer of 2018.

Colton is also the creator of the YouTube Channel No Dress Code, a web series dedicated to fun facts and humor. The show premiered on July 2018 and was renewed for a second season on May 11, 2019, which premiered on June 30, 2019. In October 2019 the series was renewed for a third season to air in the summer of 2020.

Colton's first short story, Feelings (published by RCN Media) has been read more than 1 million times online. His other short stories (since been removed) has been read more than 5 million times during their 2 years being available online, for free. All of his short stories were RCN Media bestsellers, which isn't saying much because he owns the company ;).

In June 2019, Colton Nelson, through his publishing company RCN Media, signed it's first author Kay J Douglas for a multi-book deal. Her first book will be a kids book called Bob & Avery Help Hega the Witch the first in the kids book series The Adventures of Bob and Avery. This book was released October 08, 2019. The second book in the series., Bob and Avery Go to Space, will be released September 22, 2020.

In November 2019 Colton signed a contract with Derek Hanebury, Libbie Morin and Vicki Drybrough to publish four books, one book each and a collection of short stories with all three authors. The collection was released March 24, 2020 and was titled Both Sides Now. Derek will release a solo collection in the summer of 2021, Vicki will release her solo novel in the Fall of 2021.

In February 2020, Colton Nelson and RCN Media announced a web show and as podcast from Colton Nelson and Kaitlyn Powell. The web show will be a scripted series written by Kaitlyn Powell and supervised and produced by Colton Nelson. The podcast would be called Locked In and would be hosted by the two weekly starting June 04, 2020. The first season will have 10 episodes.

In March 2020, Colton agreed to publish, for RCN Media, three self published kids books by Gail Morton. The books would be taken out of print and re-released by RCN Media world wide. The first. Two Weeks with Charlie is set to be released November 10, 2020. The second, The Giving Raven is set for March 02, 2021, and the third and final book in the contract Rockfish is set for July 06, 2021.

In April 2020, Colton signed a contract with Shelley Penner to publish a book series called Haven Hold Series for RCN Media. The first book, Haven Hold, will be released August 25, 2020.

In May 2020 Colton signed on Joan Jedy for a 5 book fantasy mystery series and a science fiction novel. Later that month he also contracted her Traveling Detective Series for RCN Media.

In June 2020 Colton Nelson Launched, with RCN Media, RCN Shorts. Short story booklets for five dollars. This was created as a way to shorter content into the consumers hands and a way to get new author's work published.

Also in June 2020 Colton signed a contract with RCN Media, Don & Scott, a media duo to created a web show called Queer View Mirror, a talk show that explores the LGBTQ community and interviews it's members and alias, and how their lives has been affected as a LGBTQ. Queer View Mirror is set to premiere on RCN Media's Network in August 2020. Colton will serve as the show runner of the series and Don & Scott will host.

In July 2020, Colton signed on Huei Lin to release a series of short stories, as a part of RCN Shorts, throughout the 2020 and 2021. The first, King of Dhamma was released July 28, 2020.

In July 2020. Colton finished his first book in the Benson Scott Series: Just Being Human, and the next day the book was set to release August 18, 2020. He also announced the same day that he would be releasing a RCN Short called Responsive in October 2020.



  1. Just Being Human (August 18, 2020)

  2. Responsive (October 06, 2020)


  1. Bob & Avery Help Hega the Witch by Kay J Douglas (October 08, 2019)

  2. Both Sides Now by Derek Hanebury, Libbie Morin & Vicki Drybrough (March 24, 2020)

  3. King of Dhamma by Huei Lin (July 28, 2020)

  4. Haven Hold by Shelley Penner (August 25, 2020)

  5. A Kind of Seeing by Shelley Penner (August 25, 2020)

  6. Afraid of Heights by Joan Jedy (September 15, 2020)

  7. Two Weeks with Charlie by Gail Morton (September 22, 2020)

  8. A Nickel a Bucket by Laura Sturgeon (October 27, 2020)

  9. Bob and Avery Go to Space by Kay J Douglas (November 10, 2020)

  10. The Giving Raven by Gail Morton (March 02, 2021)

  11. The Fifth Planet by Joan Jedy (March 16, 2021)

  12. Ms. Holliman's Employer by Laura Sturgeon (March 23, 2021)

  13. Both Sides Now: Special Edition by Derek Hanebury, Kaitlyn Powell, Libbie Morin & Vicki Drybrough (April 13, 2020)

  14. Brothers of the Heart by Shelley Penner (April 20, 2021)

  15. I'm Alone in the Castle by Laura Sturgeon (June 08, 2021)

  16. Rockfish by Gail Morton (July 06, 2021)

  17. Something Else Altogether by Derek Hanebury (August 2021)

  18. Unnamed Novel by Vicki Drybrough (November 30, 2021)


  1. No Dress Code (July 2018 - Present) Creator, Head of Production and scriptwriter for season 1, 2 & 3. Currently in its third season.

  2. Locked In Podcast (June 2020- Present) Creator, Head of Production and co-host with Kaitlyn Powell, for season 1. Currently in it's first season.

  3. Queer View Mirror (August 2020 - Present) Show Runner, Director, Producer and Executive Producer. Currently in post-production

  4. The Undefined Creator (2020 - Present) Creator, Presenter. Head of Production and Post Production. Currently in pre-production

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