About the Show

Welcome to Queer View Mirror, a show about queer people, by queer people and for queer people and our allies. We endeavor to showcase the LGBTQ+ Community with a view that is different from the majority, and another way of seeing the world. Anyone can have a queer perspective, no matter your orientation, gender, social or cultural background. Our mission is to share the voices of our Queer Community and celebrate our achievements and our Queer Culture.

We live in a world of colorful and vibrant diversity, a world that is constantly evolving our understanding of the truth about ourselves and the truth of our co-existence with one another. There will always be the truth that we can embrace each other, and the truth that LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE.  Regardless of our differences in beliefs, culture, and social context, we come back to the basic realization that we are all connected. We need to respect each other, and accept and celebrate our differences and the mosaic of queer and straight perspectives. Through authentic and open discussion, we can celebrate diversity and create a world that is a wonderful place to live, for us and for future generations.

Here on Queer View Mirror we will hear stories of real people who have triumphed in their journey to becoming their true selves no matter what. These are real people, real stories and real victories. These are people who dared to be different and are making a difference in the world today.


Let’s celebrate the Queer View Mirror! Let’s celebrate the perspectives of our numerous brothers and sisters in the cause for equality and recognition. Find us right here on Queer View Mirror.

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