Author: Gail Morton

Release Date: September 22, 2020

Page Count: 32

Publisher: RCN Media


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About the Book

"During each of a few consecutive summers, I spent two weeks following a certain caterpillar, placing markers where I last saw him in the evening, and photographing his night time contortions as he slowly made his journey from egg to adult. Charlie experienced near-drowning, predator attacks from spiders and wasps, drought where his skin shriveled, and a seemingly endless quest for a suitable place in which to magically change. Through Charlie, I came to see my own journey as one of transformation towards a deeper sense of the spiritual connections amongst all living things." - Gail Morton


When you start out as very small as Charlie did, the world can be an awesome place full of delicious and sometimes dangerous adventures. Thanks to my parents and all my loved ones I experienced many natural wonders. Thanks to Dave I was introduced to the world of Swallowtails in our vegetable garden and was blessed to see again through the eyes of our son, Cedar. Thanks to my students I was able to share these wonders again. And thanks to Ron Ross I have fennel in my garden.

Two Weeks With Charlie (Audiobook)