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Zach Green always parked his car farthest from the store. It gave other customers the chance to park closer to the front doors. And Zach usually didn’t mind walking the extra distance.

But that August evening, he did mind. The heat was awful. Still, he parked as far away from the supermarket as he could, by nature. Zach had just got off his nine to five. He needed groceries for the week.

He walked fast through the influx of cars. He kept an eye on all the cars that entered the lot, counting each of them and making note of their make and model. Zach could never figure out why he did that. It was a habit he had picked up from old spy shows. Did he think he was a spy? No. Zach was far from it. He was too normal to be a spy, and for goodness sake, he was only twenty.

As Zach walked, he noticed a couple fighting to the left of him, halfway from his car to the supermarket’s front door. The car the angry couple owned was an old yellow Mustang that must have spent a lot of time on a dirt road. Either that or they hadn’t cleaned the car in ten years. The yellow was starting to fade.

The couple was hard to ignore. The man yelled at the woman over how she parked the car. He had no shirt, and his skin was dominated by tattoos. He had the build and attitude of someone looking to starts fights all the time.

The woman looked thin as a toothpick. It didn't seem her natural weight, but something caused by drugs. Her face made her look forty, but Zach knew she must have been younger than that, maybe twenty, about ten years younger than the man.

Man, Zach thought, she’s my age.

The couple was right in each other’s faces. Yelling. The man’s voice was deep and loud, and the woman had a gravelly voice, that sounded as if she had been smoking her whole life. After a few moments, the fighting stopped and the couple continued into the store.

Man, they were quick to forgive, Zach thought.

He walked into the supermarket. It was nice to feel the cool air inside. It must have been a fifty-degree difference.

Zach spent around an hour looking for all the items on his shopping list. Though, as with most times he went to the supermarket, he bought more than he needed: impulse buys.

After leaving the store, Zach felt the heat again. Had it got even hotter since he entered the store? He started racing to his car, cutting past other people’s vehicles to get to his.

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