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Updated: Jan 19

Breaking News:

A lot has happened since I made an update, and I was hoping to announce some cool projects here, but due to recent events around the world, I will not be able to.

Due to COVID-19, RCN Media will be making some changes. The major change for the public is that Both Sides Now will be released March 24, 2020 instead of April 28, 2020. This change came because we were waiting to give people in quarantine something to read, so for the next couple weeks the book will be released on extreme discount on the new RCN Media Store.

Speaking of store, RCN Media now has an official store for paperbacks and eBooks. We created this after trying to find a way to discount our merchandise without having to go through retailers, so we could deliver directly to consumers. Don’t worry, books will still be available through all retailers like before. This allows us to offer books for really cheap, as promotional items or even for free, during times like pandemics.

What does this pandemic mean for future of RCN Media? Well, RCN Media will be limiting a lot of its production, but it does not mean it will be closing.

Normal News:

RCN Media Publishing still plans to release its books, though it does mean that promotional tours will be put on hold for the time being. Both Sides Now will be released five weeks early, which should be the only title affected by this change. Upcoming titles are all still in production and can be released on their scheduled dates but will inevitably see low sales for the first few months.

We plan on releasing 5 books in 2020. The first was Both Sides Now and the second one will be a kid’s book called Two Weeks with Charlie by Gail Morton. This will be the first book in her 3-book contract of kids’ books. The third book will be another kids book, Bob and Avery Go to Space, the sequel to Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch. The last two books are Haven Hold, the first book in the Haven Hold Series by Shelley Penner and the second is another picture book by Gail Morton.

RCN Network will see some changes this year.

The Online Commentary is the name of a blog and web show that I created. I want to break those 2 up. So, from now on, the web show will be rebranded as No Dress Code and will act as if there was not a change. Over the next little while we will be renaming all the pages online and episodes to reflect this change. We are also rebranding the thumbnails and giving the series a consistent look. So, some episodes might reflect this change already as we are slowly working on it. The plan is to have it all finished before the end of April.

No Dress Code will start the last Tuesday of June and run every two weeks. Season 3 will have 10 episodes. The series will, from now on, be on Tuesdays every other week, and each season will have 10 episodes. The plan is to have 2 seasons a year. Script writing for season 3 completed on April 15, 2020 and has entered the editing stage. The voice overs for the season will happen a week later. RCN Media has also put into production scripts for seasons 4 and 5 but has not yet renewed the series for those seasons.

There is also an unnamed Kaitlyn Powell Show. Kaitlyn is a very talented artist. She is working on a scripted series for RCN Media. Its first season will be about women in history. There's not much moving on this yet other than scripts which are in the works. The plan is to have the series airing in the second half of 2020.

Locked In is a new podcast that RCN Media has been testing for a while now. I am proud to say that there is lots of movement here. Starting this month, we have been releasing new episodes twice a week. The series will have 30 episodes per season.

Tales of a Gay Robot is a series which will feature audio stories from the Locked In podcast. These will be my stories combined with animated videos. 6 episodes have been ordered for the first season, which is to premiere every 2 months, starting in the fall.

As for the future of the RCN Media Network, I think that RCN Media will have lots of web shows in the future. I do think that the shows will start to be from people other than me, Colton Nelson. I can only handle so much on my plate. The plan is, eventually, to have something new coming out each day. I think that with the podcast coming into the mix, we are getting closer. As RCN Media starts to grow, so will its Network Department.

RCN Media Blogs:

RCN Media will be looking at its blog department and giving it a makeover. The blog The Online Commentary has been inactive for a about 2 years. I want to bring it back with a whole new look and style. The blog will be moving to the www.rcn.media URL under www.rcn.media/blog/the-online-commentary, but the domain name will still work. We will be adding all the old posts from the blog to the RCN Media website, plus adding at least 1 blog post a week from here on out. The plan is to bring on blog authors here and there, some for one-time posts and other for monthly or bi-monthly posts.

The RCN Media News & Updates Blog is for anything new in the RCN Media world. So, if we sign new authors, it’ll go there. If a new book comes out or a tour is scheduled, we will put it there. That’s for all RCN Media content. The plan is to write fewer of these long posts and more short and frequent posts. We will still write one extra-long post a year.

RCN Media's New Look:

RCN Media’s website is showcasing a whole new look. You can see that by some of the things we have mentioned above. This will slowly be changing into what we want by the end of April.

--Colton Nelson

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