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Hello, my name is Colton Nelson. I own RCN Media, which I created back in 2015. Wow, five years ago! The company has changed so much since I was 16 years old. And I’m sure it will evolve into more amazing things. RCN Media is currently focused on publishing books but in the future, I want that to also branch into music, web shows, podcasts, films (short and long), and more. Other than publishing, RCN Media is involved in a blog website that has been inactive, and a YouTube series which has seen some tough times. But have no fear! I plan on making sure everything is done right. So, some projects will be abandoned for a while or scrapped because they started too soon.

The YouTube show, The Online Commentary, is set to return for a third season in the summer of 2020. I also plan on starting a new web show some time in 2020 and a new podcast. Both those projects are in the works and an update will be made in the future.

RCN Media Publishing is seeing a lot of hype and focus, which is good. We published our first book-- a kids book-- last year, Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch. This book saw a lot of trial and error. I would call it a moderate success, with a lot of knowledge acquired about book publishing. A second book is in the works, as well as a third to finish off the series. A fourth book is a possibility if the second and third sell well.

The second book to be published is a short story collection called Both Sides Now. This collection will be released in April 2020 and will serve as the featured headliner for launching RCN Media Publishing. Both Sides Now will introduce RCN Media to the public, with a key demographic of 18-65-year olds. It’s also the perfect book to do so. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic read.

RCN Media is always looking for more authors and books to publish, but is limited to the number of books it can publish each year. This is due to me wanting to make sure all the authors have someone committed full-time to bringing their work to life, while adhering to their visions. But as the company grows, so will the number of editors and publishers, and therefore the number of books. But, as of yet, I find I can only work on about 6 books a year. Right now, that schedule is not full, so manuscripts are always accepted through our contact form in the footer.

I am not just a publisher. I also work with authors from, at times, a book's conception until post-publication. I don’t publish authors just because they are good, I publish authors who will become valued members of the RCN Media family. I’m interested in making our creators feel at home and comfortable where they are. This hasn’t always worked in the past, but it is always my main goal.

RCN Media will see a small but modest growth in 2020. But a lot of things behind-the-scenes will be happening to help turn 2021 and beyond into epic years. The main goal is to launch with Both Sides Now and see where things go from there. There are books set to be released after Both Sides Now, but will not be announced until May 2020. RCN Media and I will also be looking for more authors to contract throughout the year, and we will be beta-testing other projects besides publishing. A lot of behind-the-scenes work this year will make for a great 2021.

--Colton Nelson

January 01, 2020

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