Queer View Mirror: Episode 2: Erin LeBlanc

Erin LeBlanc is a graduate of Queen's University in Economics and Psychology, she has a Master's Degree in Higher Education Policy at the University of Toronto, and she is a graduate of Queen's Master of Law Program, she specializes in International Trade Law. Prior to her current position, she was the Director of the Master of Management Programs, where she was responsible for overseeing the operation of three graduate programs and working with administrative teams around the world to deliver academic content to the Master of International Business Program, the Master of Finance Program, and the Graduate Diploma in Accounting Program. In her current position, she is responsible for overseeing all international and provincial accreditations for Smith School of Business and manages all documentation for the creation and approval of all new programs in the School. She is also counsel regarding international laws and policies regarding higher education involving key international jurisdictions and activities of the School. She continues to teach international trade law in graduate programs at Smith. An advocate for the LGBTQ community, Ms. LeBlanc is the recipient of the “Tri-Award (accessibility, equity, & human rights)” from Queen’s University for her work in establishing transgender transitioning guidelines, and identifying and removing barriers for individuals transitioning in the workplace. She is a co-host for a weekly hour-long radio talk show regarding gender/transgender topics, and is quoted in print and online media regarding LGBTQ issues.

Erin LeBlanc, a Queen’s alumna who now teaches at the Smith School of Business, released a memoir on her experience of transitioning at the university.

The book Stranger in the Mirror: The Search For Me is intended as a survival guide for those living with gender dysphoria, featuring LeBlanc’s advice for those who are struggling as she did. It’s also an honest collection of raw, unedited journal entries chronicling her battle with depression and suicidal ideation, as well as the story of her triumph over those feelings.

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