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Updated: Jan 8

This month’s episode is fascinating and had me misty eyed, with the power of love and the joy of being authentic. I am blessed to be in this circle of love and I believe that I have been guided in my own mission to be here in the heart of this wonderful Island and that it was no accident that led me here to be with these gifted, amazingly talented, loving, giving, wonderful people. My god what a journey we’ve had together, everyone felt the panic and fear from this pandemic take us in it’s grip last year. we’ve had a year of tragedy of trials and tribulations. We sure did.. After a lifetime of hiding, feeling wrong at the ripe age of 57 I finally came out but still hid for many years. I came to Vancouver Island from the mainland around 7 years ago and couldn’t stand the feel of male clothes any more, God came to me in many forms during the following years and I knew I was chosen and given gifts for a reason. I have been listening to my guides and advisers and here I am finally seeing the fruits of my labors bloom. I love music and have a radio in my head with a backtrack running, I’m constantly creating new musical styles and feels, writing, composing. I have been writing since I came out, when my third eye opened and visions filled me. I was held by a spiritual power and given poetry and music on many occasions and still do occasionally. Do I believe in God? How can I not when I am given such evidence of the creator’s existence and all I can tell you in a nutshell is that God is love,, love is the creation, is the creator. Pastor Brenda is also my guide (she is wise beyond my years) and mentor as well as PanAmours’ artistic director.

I was at one time asked by a spirit if it could use my body to play my guitar and use my voice. It was a most unusual experience but the best concert I ever had go through me. It was a 2hr concert I’ll not soon forget . I am still learning and I will never be perfect but my aim is always to be the best with the abilities and gifts I’ve been given and that now includes the band PanAmour, my musical family which went through the crucible to become this amazing listening creative experience, but it all takes time and of course we had to form just before the pandemic hit so there was the financial aspect of no income and now how do we adapt?. Along came the opportunity to work with the Queer View Mirror, through my wonderful friends Don Tecson and Scott Defrietas-Graff, RCN media in the directorship of Colton Nelson gave us the ability to spread our wings further by signing us to the record label we had a way of distributing our music and being helped on the production side...getting us ready in the online portion of our program, so we’re constantly trying to improve your experience in an online setting (yes I wish we had an in person concert, I miss my friends and fans dancing and enjoying our performances) So let’s hope the next pandemic is the joy that PanAmour is spreading. Keep working, keep the faith, stay the course. So,. Tough year last year. Yes there is that but there was also a huge lesson that I learned last year, the people that supported me through the rough spots and who I supported in return learning, to let go, so that I am a leaf in the turbulent river of life the how to’s of love. Friendship, faith, kindness, patience, how to scrimp and not spend, more faith oh and more faith..

We have INVESTED in each other and from the fruits of our labors of love, comes this family of entertainers who are helping others to find their paths with the power of love through the joy of music.. Be kind to one another and thank you for your support for your love and for reading all the way to the end of this missive. I wish us all the very best for the new year. I will do my very best to bring you my best as I learn to be a better human being, friend and creator of inspirational creations....all for love and love for all I am Robbie Van of PanAmour wishing you adieu and a Happy love filled Year.

Here is the episode:

-Robbie Van

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