The Undefined Creator


The Undefined Creator is a web show created and presented by Colton Nelson. The show takes on the late-night, daytime talk show and podcast interview styles.


RCN Media ordered the series in April 2020 for a first season of 5 episodes. The show is currently in pre-production and is set to air in the second half of 2020. At this time the show's original title was called Tales of a Gay Robot, referencing Colton's voice which sounds like a gay robot on the phone.

The original idea stems back to late 2018 where Colton wanted to vlog his life. He later abandoned the idea.

in late 2019 Colton wanted to record an audio vlog of humorous events in his life and use stock footage and animation as a visual. This was what sparked the idea for Tales of a Gay Robot. He started to write the scripts during the 2020 Pandemic, but later dropped the idea because it would take too long to produce each episode, calming it would take longer than 3 months per episode.

In July 2020, Colton and RCN Media announced that they would create a vlog based on Colton's life and it would be titled The Undefined Creator. The series is set to enter pre production in August 2020 and production is to flow closely there after.

In Sepotember 2020, RCN Media onace again changed the format of the show to reprect more of a late night talk show series. The show is to air weekly on