Welcome to QUEER VIEW MIRROR. A show ABOUT QUEER PEOPLE, BY QUEER PEOPLE AND FOR EVERYONE. We all have a view why not have a QUEER VIEW? What is a Queer View? It is a view that is non-heteronormative, non-Caucasian and non-mainstream. It is a view that is different from the majority, an-other way of how to see something. Anyone can have a queer view, no matter what their orientation, gender, social or cultural background. We believe that everyone is entitled to have their QUEER VIEW OF THINGS, and no one has the right to pass judgement on anybody for expressing their views queer or not.

We live in a world of colorful and vibrant diversity. A world that is constantly changing, constantly evolving in our understanding of the truth about ourselves and the truth of our co-existence with one another. But there will always be this constant truth that we will remain, and that is LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE; regardless of our differences in beliefs, traditions, culture, social context and opinion we all come back to the basic realization that we must love one another, respect each other, accept each other and live in harmony with one another in order to make this world a wonderful place to be in. for us and for future generations.
Here on QUEER VIEW MIRROR we will hear stories of real people who have triumphed in their journey to becoming their true selves no matter what. Real people, real stories and real victories. People who dared to be different and are making a difference as well
We can all have QUEER VIEWS. It’s ok to have QUEER VIEWS. It is empowering to have QUEER VIEWS . Let us live it, express it and reflect it! Right here on QUEER VIEW MIRROR.


RCN Media's Colton Nelson signed a deal with the duo Don and Scott to produce a web series called Queer View Mirror in June 2020. Don and Scott were the creators of the show and Colton Nelson would direct, co-write and produce the series, as well as serve as show runner. RCN Media would produce and distribute and series via is Network division of it's company. RCN Media ordered a first season of 5 episodes to air bi-weekly in the summer of 2020

Though the interview segments of the series were filmed during the pandemic of 2020, via zoom, the other segments were filmed on location in Port Alberni.

On July 14, 2020 The show start the main portion of it's first season on set at the Power of Three.

The series is set to premier in October 2020.