Napoleon Beaten by a Machine





Created by: Colton Nelson

Narration by: Kay J Douglas

Animation by: Patrick Little

Script by: Colton Nelson

Show Runner: Colton Nelson

Thumbnail: Patrick Little (Old) & Colton Nelson (New)

Did you know that Napoleon lost chess to an 19th century chess machine?

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Napoleon Beaten by a Machine Script

Napoleon Was Beaten by a Machine in Chess (The Turk)

Napoleon, yep, I’m making another video about him, was beaten by a chess-playing machine called the Turk. Napoleon, known for leading the French Revolution, a war general, a strategy man, was beaten by a machine. But, to be fair, let’s not just put Napoleon to shame, the machine was able to beat most of its opponents, including Benjamin Franklin.

In the late 1700s, a Hungarian inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen wanted to create a chess machine that was able to beat a human, the chess machine traveled all throughout Europe and America.

There was a small issue with the machine, 300 years ago they didn’t have the right technology to have a machine that could beat humans, Wolfgang knew that, but that didn’t stop him from trying to full the public. The machine was built to hide a human in it, who controlled the robot. This was not known to the public until almost 100 years later.

Back to cheating Napoleon. During the game he tried to make three illegal moves, only to make the Turk sweep it’s arms and knocking all the peises off the board. Napoleon found this amusing and tried to play the game for real, only to be beaten in 19 moves. Napoleon just surrendered, because it’s in his French Blood, by tipping his king over. Some reports say that Napoleon wasn’t happy with the loss and tried again, but not honestly, no, that’s not how our Napoleon works, he tried to distract the Turk and use a magnet. If only Napoleon knew that the machine was really a man trapped in a box controlling arms.

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