Women's Right To Smoke





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RELEASED: June 30, 2020

There was a time when it was against the law for women to smoke. They had to protest just to be able to smoke. Wanna know what's even crazier? Watch and find out.

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Women Once Marched for the Right to Smoke Script

Women Once Marched for the Right to Smoke

The modern young generation equal rights seem to be more common sense than it actually was. But we can’t forget about the times that equal rights wasn’t as big as they are now. And in some cases, there has been many centuries where everyone expect for am Stright white christen male was considered to be nothing. Hell, there was a time when the population of the world only calculated white men, everyone else was just left to be forgotten.

After the first world war women had had enough and wanted the right to smoke. Yes, women had to fight for the right to smoke.

There was a time when women smoking was seen as immoral and only rebels and “bad girls” did it. It was frowned upon the same as seeing a 12-year-old kid smoke. It was so bad that in 1904 a woman was sentenced to a month in jail for putting her children’s morals at risk by smoking in their presence.

During World War One, as women took the jobs of men who had gone to war, they also began smoking even though it was still considered a taboo act.

You would think that the march would be pushed by women, but that is wrong. Tabaco companies were wanting to broaden their markets and giving cigarettes to chimpanzees was not yet a viable plan, they turned to women. Gorge Hill, the president of a major cigarettes company hired Edward Bernays to find a way to get the taboo away from women smoking. Edward Bernays carefully planned a women’s march for their right to smoke. He was careful in not just the location of the march but also the look of the women. They were to be attractive in both looks and dress, but not too attractive to be considered slutty. These women needed to get men’s attention. He hired media to report on the story and with time, the attractive women changed the way we look at smoking.

Now and days it more equal rights, we mock both men and women for smoking.

It's amazing what we take for granted today, because you go back a few generations, it was very different.