Prisoners of War in Canada During WW2 Didn’t Want to Leave





Produced by: RCN Media

Executive Producer: Leire Killough

Created by: Colton Nelson

Animator: Patrick Little

Voice Over: Kay J Douglas

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: October 13, 2019

In most cased Prisoners of War don't rate their experience 5 stars on yelp. But that's not the case for Germans and Canadians.

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Prisoners of War in Canada During WW2 Didn’t Want to Leave Script

Prisoners of War in Canada During WW2 Didn’t Want to Leave

Canadians are the nicest people, even when it comes to war. Hell, the Canadians left an I’m sorry note when they left the war in Iraq.

But we aren’t talking about the war in Iraq (Also known as the USA’s Fight for Oil). We are talking about the World War, the sequel. There were over 35 thousand German soldiers incarcerated on Canadian soil during the war.

Now, you would think that the German soldiers would be treated with the pure disrespect, given that they were the bad guys. Well, this isn’t Guantanamo Bay, and these aren’t Americans we’re talking about here. The Canadians gave these prisoners paying jobs, fun activities, like sports, and really fun prison games. My favorite prison game is “Let’s See Who Drops the Soap First”.

Besides being able to play tennis, baseball, skating, and gymnastics, some prisoners had full trust with the guards. The guards would sometimes lend the German Prisoners of World War Two, their guns to go hunting, and there were no issues.

I know, I know, this seems a lot like the Candian remake of Hogan’s Heros. And in a lot of ways, it kind of is.

By the end of the war, when the prisoners were to be returned home, over 6 thousand of them didn’t want to leave. Some called it “The Best Thing that Happened to Me”.

Only in Canada. If this were in the USA, you would have been shot if you said Nine with an accent.

Don’t worry Canada has changed her ways. Now the government is giving millions to proven terrorists.

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