Weird American Laws





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Executive Producer: Leire Killough

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Voice Over: Colton Nelson

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: September 29, 2019

All countries have weird laws, and the US of A is no exception. Some of these laws are understandable and some are just darn out crazy.

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Weird American Laws Script

Weird American Laws

Number 1

In the Southlands of the USA, it’s Illegal to eat fried chicken any way but with your hands in Georgia (Gainesville)

Number 2

Also in Georgia Chickens are not permitted to cross the road.

Number 3

In Arizona, It is illegal to use or own more than 6 dildos.

Number 4

In Maryland, it’s illegal to swear at someone while on the highway. So no road rage to the dumbass drivers out there.

Number 5

In 49 of the fifty states, it does not state in the law book that you can not jump out of a plane, so it’s perfectly legal to do so, it may be against the terms agreed with the airline. But in Maine, it is 100% against the law to jump out of a plane mid-flight.

Number 6

In Florida, Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal. (I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT PORCUPINE maybe add video, source video)

Number 7

In Arkansas, It’s a big “no-no” to pronounce “Arkansas” incorrectly. (PN: Pronounce incorrectly)

Number 8, bitch!

In Washington State, It is prohibited to harass Bigfoot (make a joke about the TV shows hunting big foot.)

Quick question? If the USA ended up slipping up in the civil war would the north be called North America and the south be called South America? Just wondering

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