Napoleon's Penis Sold at Auction a Century After His Death





Produced by: RCN Media

Voice Over: Kay J Douglas

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: August 21, 2019

Did you know that Napoleon's penis sold at an auction almost a century after his death? Crazy, right, well, it gets even crazier.

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Napoleon's Penis Sold at Auction a Century After His Death Script

Napoleon's Penis Sold at Auction a Century After His Death

So, last season, we made a video about 13 fun facts. Some of those facts are worthy of their own video. So that’s what I am gonna do.

Napoleon, the short, angry, rabbit fearing french dude was so popular that he had his penis removed from him after he died. That is one hell-of-a way of showing popularity status. When I die, I wanna have left that kind of mark. ;).

As soon as The Angry French Man died, he had an autopsy done on him. The “doctor” had many organs removed from Napoleon’s body, one of them being his penis. The doctor then gave the penis to a priest. Why the doctor did this is unknown.

In 1970 the penis sold at auction to a guy with a beef jerky penis fetish. Lemme explain that joke. The penis wasn’t kept in the right conditions, and I’ll let you guess what happens to a penis when it’s not kept on ice. It turns into a mixture of beef jerky and a dog shit (show image.) And some guy bought the penis for around $3,000 dollars. Wanna guess where this New Jersey man kept the penis? No, not in a safe. Not in a safety deposit box either. Not in a museum. UNDER HIS FUCKING BED. The penis was passed down to his daughter, though it’s unknown if it was requested or left as a sick joke. She, I’m assuming, was an adult when she received the penis for the first time. Reports say she still has the penis and has turned down offers around $90,000 or more.

Also, by the way, we have better ways of preserving penises in 2019. So we have the technology if you wanna save and hope your next of kin can make some cash from some creepy New Jersey dude, go for it. Just know it will be on ice, and you know how penis get when they are left in the ice-cold.

Fun facts; it’s rumored that Napoleon's penis was, when connected to his body, erect 3.14 centimeters, or as Napoleon's wife called it: the pi-thon (It hasn’t been proven, but then again you can’t say it didn’t happen.)

If you like hearing stories about Little Napoleon, check out our video on Napoleon getting mauled by rabbits! 100% real, no joke. Check it out.

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