Abraham Lincoln: The Famous Wrestler





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Voice Over: Colton Nelson

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: July 21, 2019

Abraham Lincoln was a famous wrestler? Was he any good? Well watch the video and find out!

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Abraham Lincoln: The Famous Wrestler Script

Abraham Lincoln: The Famous Wrestler

Nine scores and eight years ago, young, Abe Lincoln became a wrestler. That begs the question, was he any good? Well, for 1830s standards, yeah.

Sources have claimed that this US president has only lost a handful of matches, and has played in more than 250 wrestling matches.

But let’s get some facts straight. He wasn’t a wrestler during his political years, that’s just not professional, because being in US government, you have to be very professional. (show all the non-pro people in government).

End of script. Wait, end of the script. Colton, why did you write anymore. (waits for a response) Oh, that’s all we have. (waits) it’s a controversial topic.

[Title: Please wait]

So, it turns out that that's all we really know. There have been many wild claims about Abe being a wrestler. Some go as far as says that he won many belts and so on. Many of these added claims cannot be proven, so we won’t report on them. But what we do know is that Honest Abe was a wrestler in his youth and was very good at it.

Well, that makes for a boring video.

Anyhow, let’s end this with a fun fact:

Like many US presidents, Abe has been honored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Though this was in 1992, a little after the show he went to go see.