Mount Everest Is NOT the Tallest Mountain





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RELEASED: August 19, 2018

Mount Everest is known as the biggest point on the Earth, but it's not. Also more fun facts about this cool mountain.

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Mount Everest Is NOT the Tallest Mountain Script

Warning, this video may affect your personal relationship with Mount Everest. But it’s time for you to know the true truth about this mountain.

Mount Everest has been known for being the tallest mountain in the world. It’s not, but more on that later. This mountain towers a whooping 29,000 feet. It’s located on the border of Nepal and China.

Over 200 people have died trying to climb this mountain, with another 4,000 plus people have attempted to climb since the first person to make it up to the top alive, in 1953.

Mount Everest is cost around $24,000 to climb, but that number can be as high as $40,000, in some cases.

The youngest person to make it to the top was 13 years old with the oldest being in their 70s.

You have to sign a waver saying that if you die you can’t personally sue anybody for climbing. And if you get lost, good luck, Nepal isn’t known for their search and rescue. Oh, and welcome to Nepal, we really don’t care about you and just want your money, have fun climbing. Don’t forget us in your WILL!

Now, for the disturbing facts that will make you hate me for sharing. Warning, this could be the biggest since betrayal since Pluto was demoted.

Mount Everest isn’t the tallest point on earth. That goes to Trump’s EGO. Okay, for real that title goes to a dormant volcano in Hawaii. Nammed Mauna Kea. When measured from it’s ocean’s base it’s over 33,000 feet tall. Though if you measure it from sea level it’s only 13,000 feet tall. So it’s still the tallest mountain from base to peak. But Mount Everest goes further into the sky.

Though, there is one mountain that has peak is higher than Mount Everest. It’s called: Chimborazo. Though this is due to it being on the equator, it’s the highest peak from the earth’s core. This Mountain, from the surface to peak is 20,000 feet. From the earth center is . . . . like a lot of feet. Google didn’t have the answer, so I don’t know. But it’s higher than Everest!

There you go, now you have some ammo to tick off the inlaws, that think they know everything.


Everest was formed by the movement of the Indian tectonic plate pushing up and against the Asian plate and grows by about a quarter of an inch (0.25") every year.