George Washington Was NOT the First President





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RELEASED: August 05, 2018

George Washington didn't even enter into office until 13 years after July 04, 1776

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George Washington Was NOT the First President Script

So, Georgy wasn’t the Commander in Chief.

The United States of America became independent on July 04, 1776. John Hanson became the first President of the Confederation Congress or President of the United States in Congress assembled. This was the first government of , what we know now as, The United States of America. John was brought in office in the year 1781.

My buddy Georgy was elected into office in 1789. He would be the ninth leader of the United States.

In the 18th century it was a lot harder to make a country. Like, now we have Google and morals and whatnot. But back then, people were still trying to get over the war. Building a country's laws and structuring it properly took time. You couldn’t just text, or tweet at, George Washington and say “Hey, how does this law sound?”

Information took a lot longer to travel. Also because it was the 1700s there was a lot of thees and thous, so when they talked it took forever.

John’s roll was more like a moderator, while little post British people debated over their new laws.

The President of the United States in Congress assembled was really just a temporary system put in place so that the government could be formed.

But he was still technically the first leader of the Land of Opportunity.

In 1789, once everybody got their $#!t together, Georgy was elected as the first President of the United States.

The End

Quick fun fact, did you know that the declaration of independence was not signed on July 04? It was signed in early August of the same year.