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Voice Over: Colton Nelson

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: July 29, 2018

Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and major news networks are lying to you. and here's there catch, you don't care. That's right, you don't care.

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The News Media is LYING to You and YOU Don't Care Script

So, the news media is lying to you, and you don’t care.

SCRIPT (unedited first draft)

Let’s dive into some history. Jon Stewart once said “the 24 hour news networks are there for 9/11 and nothing else. (get the video). 9/11 doesn’t happen every day, but when you watch the news, it seems like it does.

News used to be a public service. The news wasn’t there to make a profit it broke even, if that. Most times it was the prime time shows that would pay for the news. Which is good. It meant that the advertisers didn’t control what you saw. It was, back in the day, unbiased. And before you tell me that one of the three news networks that I mention isn’t biased, they are. They all are. Sorry, bud.

News was not there to make money. It was there to report the news. Real news. News news. Not the BS news they have been showing you and that you don’t give a $#!t about.

In 2015 Trump became 24 hours news heaven. A divided country is awesome for ratings. Fox News has a majority conservative audience. In fact when we did a poll of 1000 liberals in the USA 83% of them said they wouldn’t be caught dead watching Fox News. That is important for ratings, in a good way. This means Fox News has a large demographic that they can advertise to: Conservatives. You are more likely to have a gun add be more effective on Fox than CNN or MSNBC. Only having a few eyes that all think the same way is better than having lots of eyes that think differently to advertisers.

In 2012 Anderson Cooper made eleven million dollars from CNN each year. That number would be higher by the time of recording. So, that means CNN needs to be able to pay their people tons of money. All this money, it comes through donations and advertisement. But you need people watching to make money through ads, right, Yes, So how do you make sure the people watch your network? Make news. Bring on the Drama.

When you watch one of the major news networks they act like the unthinkable just happened, with every story. You know that one coworker that exaggerates everything, that’s basically the news media. If they didn’t act like that, people wouldn't watch.

They suck the life out every story. Making it out to be more than what it is. Reporting only parts of the news to make it swing in their favor.

Back to Trump. Supporters of Trump in the beginning, were told that CNN is fake news. He showed his full support to Fox News. So, his supporters started watching Fox. Anti Trump people started to watch one of the other news media networks. Giving Fox all the conservatives and breaking up the liberals and moderates between MSNBC AND CNN.

This started to affect, more so now, the way the news reported things. Knowing that they needed their audience to keep watching them, they would show them content they wanted to see. Keeping the viewers on these networks loyal to the channel, bullying the other side.

The media doesn’t care about the news, you do. So they made news out of nothing, or very little things.

It’s been happening for a long time. But the big spark came with Trump, dividing the country more than ever before.

When you put your full trust in to a news network, that’s when you get screwed over. If the news media knows they have your trust, then it doesn’t matter what they report. You need to have your news source always in check. It makes them better, knowing that if they get something wrong, they’re going to get in $#!t.

The news is news, facts. So that means that each story should, really be 85% the same in reporting. Leaving the other 15% for the way it’s reported and leaning a certain way. But if you turn on the news, it’s not the same story. It’s the same situation, but headlines and the reporting of it different. Some networks it’s breaking news and “this is evil” and other networks it’s not breaking news and “this is normal”.

To sum everything up. The full time news networks need you to watch them, to make money. And because 9/11 isn’t everyday, they make it seem like it is. They tell you the other side lies and you believe it. You put your trust in them and then they lie to you. Making the country more divided than ever.

This isn’t an Alex Jones conspiracy theory. This is facts.