100% LEGAL Paris 1912 Auction for Babies





Produced by: RCN Media

Voice Over: Colton Nelson

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: July 22, 2018

In 1981 the Queen, Elizabeth II, was the victim of an assassination attempt by Christopher John Lewis. In this researched, humorous video we dive into what happened and how and why Christopher John Lewis failed.

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1912 Paris Raffle of Children Script

You’re not going to believe this. Well, maybe you might. But, in the year 1912 Paris, something only the french would do, raffled off babies. Yes, you heard me right, babies. Those things that keep you up all night and make messes and cost you tons of money.

Now, these were living babies. They weren’t selling of dead ones on the black market, which in Paris is just called the market. Living breathing babies.

Now, did the authorities know about this, beforehand? You bet they did. THEY APPROVE THIS. I thought the French were only good at surrendering, but they are also good at raffling off babies.

Now, all jokes aside, this was not such a bad idea, for the times. Some people didn’t want babies, and they didn’t use protection (always use protection kids, otherwise your babies will be raffled off). And so these baby haters would drop them off at an orphanage in a basket and ring the doorbell and run. But the people who wanted babies they would enter into a raffle and hope they name gets picked for a baby. If you five year old asks you where babies come from, just tell them they come from a raffle.

They orphanage wanted the babies to go to a home that would be best for the child, so mainly people with money. And the money people spent on the babies would go to keeping the orphanage afloat. All jokes aside it was a good idea.

“An investigation of the winners was made, of course, to determine their desirability as foster parents.” - January 1912 issue of Popular Mechanics.

Was this a good plan? Well, it only lasted one session, so, I’m gonna say no.


Oh, The FCC would like to to say that “the narrator's point of view on children is just jokes. He, in fact loves children. Also, don’t raffle off babies in 2018 or beyond. It was okay then, but not now. It’s wrong. Very WRONG. BAD, VERY BAD. If you wanna be like the french, just surrender. DON’T ACTION OFF BABIES. Or leave them on someone’s doorstep. It’s a tripping hazard.”