That Time The US Tried to buy Greenland





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RELEASED: October 21, 2018

Did you know that the USA tried to buy Greenland from Denmark? Yep! Also, more fun facts!

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That Time The US Tried to buy Greenland Script

That Time The US Tried to buy Greenland

Just after the war, in 1946, the USA offered to buy Greenland from Denmark for a whopping $100,000,000 dollars or 1.3 Billion dollars in 2018. That’s about 11 times what the USA paid for Alaska.

Now, there are two questions here. One is more obvious than the other, did Denmark accept the offer. The answer to that is no. It’s not fully clear why Denmark didn’t accept the offer. Some reports say that Denmark didn’t even look at the bid from the USA.

Did the USA attempt, again, to get Greenland?

The answer is no. They did not reattempt. It’s, probably, the only time in USA history where they took “no” for an answer.

So, onto question two. Why did the USA want Greenland? Was it so they could be the biggest country in the world? Well, nope. Russia is 17 Million square km. If the USA had Greenland it would only bring them to 12 Million square km.

The USA wanted to have Greenland because of the Cold War. Greenland is very close to the artic. So is Russia. And yes, we know that the USA already had Alaska, but Greenland would be closer to Mosco. Having Greenland is just a better military move.

Now onto some fun facts!

Did you know that the current population of Greenland is 56,000 people? Yes, odds are that the city you live in is bigger than Greenland.

Greenland is not a country like many people believe. It’s a territory of Denmark.

Though it is self-governed and has its own government.

Greenland is the third largest island.

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