The Massive 1964 Alaska Earthquake





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Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: October 07, 2018

The story of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake that affected the world. Including facts about the Alaska Purchase, and the real cost of Alaska. Also, the TSUNAMI!

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The Massive 1964 Alaska Earthquake Script

The Massive 1964 Alaska Earthquake

In 1964, Alaska had an Earthquake. Yes, I know, they have a lot of Earthquakes, but this one was massive. It was a 9.2.

The big earthquake in Japan in 2011 was a 9.0. So this sucker was big, but why are we talking about this?

A side effect of an earthquake is tsunamis. The tsunami that was conceived from this earthquake was an international disaster.

If you live on the Pacific coast of North America, then you might have heard of the earthquake and tsunami. British Columbia became a mess. The wave wasn’t even that high, but it was powerful. See, size doesn’t matter, it’s just what you can do with it.

Anyhow. This earthquake affected Alaska, biggy. It was the most powerful earthquake in North American history, at the time, and the second most powerful recorded in world history. Almost a thousand km of fault ruptured at once and moved up to 60 feet about 450 years of stress buildup.

This earthquake caused the deaths of more than 130 deaths.

The damages were north of $300 Million dollars.

Towns were damaged as far as Vancouver Island. Taking years to recover.

Aftershocks happened in the dozens per day, some of which were bigger than a 6.0.

And to make matters worse, this all happened on Good Friday.

Fun Facts: Alaska was bought for $7.2 Million Dollars in the 1860s. That’s $120 Million in 2018. Around 2 cents per acre, $4.74/km2 or $12.32 per square mile in 1860s funds. In 2018 funds it would be 33 cents per acre. $78.84 per square km and $204.54 per square mile.