The Unsinkable Woman: Violet Jessop





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Voice Over: Colton Nelson

Script: Colton Nelson

RELEASED: September 16, 2018

The Unsinkable Woman: Violet Jessop was on three ships when they sank and survived. Miss Unsinkable.

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The Unsinkable Woman: Violet Jessop Script

The Unsinkable Woman: Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop was born October 1887. Now, her story is a remarkable one. No, a crazy one. I’ll give you a small teaser before we start, she was Dubbed: Miss Unsinkable.

Violet became a stewardess and nurse at the age of 21. This woman was on the RMS Olympic, the sister ship to the titanic. They are so much alike that I don’t even know which ship I’m showing in the video right now. And it wouldn’t make a difference. She was aboard this ship with it collided with the HMS Hawke in September 1911.

The HMS Hawke was a British warship. It was built with many collision defensives. If you would try and ram it . . . well you couldn’t ram it, it was built to sink ships to ram it. But that’s didn’t stop the badass ship, the RMS Olympic, it, mistakenly collided with the HMS Hawke and gave the HMS serious damage. But what did the RMS take in damage? Nothing. (show a video game life. Show a classy ship/person and a war person. With the classy person with full health and the war with . . . very little.)(Maybe make shooting noises and take an add moment to show the two battleting and how it doesn’t compare and how the british make bad warships).

Anyhow, Violet was on the ship when it happened. Nobody died. Everyone was fine. And no, nobody die because Nurse Violet was on board. I’m kidding she didn’t nothing. Everyone was fine. Nobody was hurt.

But that’s not why we are talking about Violet. No, because she wasn’t on just that ship, she was, also, on another ship. A little ship by the name of RMS Titanic.

Oops, wrong photo, that was the RMS Olympic or was it?

Anyhow. Violet was on board the RMS Titanic. Well, that doesn’t mean anything. The RMS Titanic has many voyages. Right? Nope. Remember, it sank on its maiden voyage, ie, its first voyage. And she was on it. Lucky girl.

She survived the Titanic. Why? WOMAN AND CHILDREN FIRST. (maybe show the footage of that from the movie).

See woman have more rights than men, in some cases.

I don’t need to tell you what happened in the Titanic sinking.

Though, in the movie, I was pro Iceberg. He was the best developed character in the film. The Iceberg should have been on the poster, (show that it wasn’t on all versions of the poster. Maybe photoshop him in there.)

Oh, and did you know that the pool on the titanic is still full of water?

Sorry, I got ADD.

So, anyhow, Violet made it off the Titanic alive. Just in time to catch the next boat.

The third sister in the titanic Trilogy of disasters was the HMHS Britannic. Which added more lifeboats to the cruise, due to the Titanic's issue. Though I think there would have been a lot less deaths if the rich people would have let some of the rich, but not as rich, people with them. Or if they never it the icebuge, that would have saved a lot more lives.

During its last voyage, now this was not a planned voyage. Apparently after a ship sinks, it can’t do anymore voyages, who knew?

Alright jokes aside, this ship was attacked, it was during the start of WW1. The loss of life was small. Violet made it off alive.

After that, Violet would not see much action, I mean real action not in that way you dirty freaks. She would later die at the age of 83 in the year 1971.

There you have it, Miss Unsinkable.

Man, the cruise line must have high insurance for the ships whenever Violet was on board.

Fun Fact About Ice. (ice ice, baby.) Because my jokes are COOOLLD.

What percentage of the earth's water is frozen? Of the three percent of the water that is not in the ocean, about 69 percent is locked up in glaciers and icecaps. Ninety percent of that frozen water is in Antarctica and about nine percent covers Greenland. Of the remaining freshwater, 30 percent of it is groundwater, captured below our feet.

Oh, and here’s a picture of her, it’s she cute? I think so, though I am really attracted to dead people.