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The Locked In Podcast is hosted by Colton Nelson & Kaitlyn Powell, and created for RCN Media. The show covers the hosts' lives and opinions on the world. The series began June 04, 2020 and the series has no upload schedule.

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About the Creator

Colton Nelson

Colton Nelson is the multi-talented creator behind a number of web shows, including No Dress Code, Locked In, The Undefined Creator and more. He is the producer of Queer View Mirror, and is an author, music producer and business man.

Production of the Show & Details

The series records one day a week, on Sundays. As of the second half of season 1, the show's main host switches between Colton and Kaitlyn. Normally on recording day, Colton takes control and scripts out the first episode (which will air the following Sunday) and Kaitlyn does the second episode (which airs the following Wednesday after Colton's episode).


RCN Media ordered the series to air after a test episode. The hosts recorded around ten episodes to try and find the format they wanted. After RCN Media reviewed the episodes, they ordered the series for a 30-episode first season to air twice a week, beginning in the summer of 2020.

In May 2020, RCN Media put the production on hold until the summer so Colton & Kaitlyn could finish other projects they committed to.


On June 01, 2020, RCN Media recorded the first 2 episodes in the series and announced that the series would be uploaded weekly on Thursdays starting June 04, 2020.

On July 01, 2020, RCN Media announced that the podcast would go on hiatus.

On December 13, 2020, RCN Media announced that the podcast would return in January 2021, with Colton Nelson as the main and only host. The new year also marks a new season of the Locked In Podcast. The podcast will also be featured in video. 

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