RCN Media Affiliates

RCN Media Affiliates

RCN Media will introduce affiliates to the RCN Media Store. You can sign up for free and earn up to 10% of all products you generate from your links.

The RCN Media store has tons of books that we have published and you can earn money on all of them, and get this, there are titles added every month.

Check out the RCN Media Store to see what you will be promoting.

When you get paid. You will be paid once you reach $25.00 CAD. Any transactions fees for sending the money may be passed on to you, depending on the size of the fees.

If you want to negotiate a percentage for just you then contact RCN Media at https://rcnmedia.e-junkie.com/contact. Please note that you must summit a good marketing plan that will generate a lot of sales for us to consider working as a partner. If your plan is inline with RCN Media's goals then we would be happy to work with you

Want to join, sign up here and get started today.

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Find the project you want to promote

Step 3: Copy the Link and Post it to the outlet you want to promote on

Step 4: Get paid

Please contact us for help if needed

Please note that the discount percentage on books can change without notice. This is due to when we have hot releases or book that we want to have higher sales on. If this happens, we will increase percentages. Please check your affiliate dashboard for the most up to date changes. We will also try and have the latest down below on the changes and why.
Every product has a commission rate. These do tend to change but are typically around 2.5-10% but they can go higher than 10%.
RCN Media has the right to discontinue anyone in the Affiliates Program if we feel our content is not being represented properly. This may lead to a past unpaid earnings to dissolve.