RCN Media Advertisement

RCN Media Advertisement

As of August 23, RCN Media will show ads on our website(s), and we will slowly be integrating more and more ads onto our content pages. Starting October 31, 2020, RCN Media will be fully monetized with our own ads. All Ads are for RCN Media products or are carefully inspected by RCN Media Advertisement team. RCN Media creates the ads that are shown on our site(s) and only works with brands that meet our standards.

Our ads are not tailored to the viewer but tailored to the content the viewer is watching. We currently do not use third party data to show you ads. In most cases our ads are for our projects we sell.

If you would like to have ads shown on our websites or content then you can contract RCN Media at contact@rcn.media. Please note that there is a long bedding process that you must go through to be an ad partner.

All ads are presented as .gifs and have a link embedded in the image that link to the page referenced in the ad.

This is an example of an RCN Media ad. This type of add would normal link to the online store product page for one of the formats of the book, i.e. paperback, ebook, audiobook, special edition or bundle, or it would be linked to the free preview page, or the about page of the book. It's currently linked to the last.