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Joan Jedy, a.k.a. Joan Elizabeth Donaldson-Yarmey, began her writing career with a short story, then travel and historical articles, and travel books. She progressed to four mystery novels, three Canadian historical novels, and one holiday romance. She has a young adult Sci-Fi novel titled The Fifth Planet, coming out in March 2021. The first book in her new fantasy/time-travel/witchy young adult series, Secrets of a Town Cursed, will be published in October 2021.

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Joan Jedy, a.k.a. Joan Elizabeth Donaldson-Yarmey, was born in New Westminster, B.C. Canada, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She married soon after graduation and moved to a farm where she had two children. Over the years she worked as a bartender, hotel maid, cashier, bank teller, bookkeeper, printing press operator, meat wrapper, gold prospector, warehouse shipper, house renovator, and nursing attendant. During that time she raised her two children and helped raise her three step-children.

Since she loves change, Joan has moved over thirty times in her life, living on acreages and farms and in small towns and cities throughout Alberta and B.C. She now lives on an acreage in the Port Alberni Valley with her husband, six chickens, and three cats.

Joan began her writing career with a short story and progressed to travel and historical articles. Since she likes to travel she wrote seven travel books, the research for which took her camping throughout Alberta, B.C., the Yukon, and Alaska. She called these books her Backroads series and in the seven of them she described what there is to see and do along the back roads of British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and Alaska.

She then switched to fiction writing and had three mystery novels- Illegally Dead, The Only Shadow In The House, and Whistler's Murder- published in what she calls the Travelling Detective Series. In her stand-alone novel, Gold Fever, she combines mystery with a little romance.

West to the Bay, West to Grande Portage, and Romancing the Klondike are Joan’s three young adult Canadian historical novels. Joan decided to try something different and wrote a Christmas romance, Twelve Dates of Christmas, with her sister Gwen Donaldson.

Her short story, "A Capital Offense", received Ascent Aspirations Magazine's first prize for flash fiction in 2010. She has since turned that story into a stage play and presented it at the Fringe Festival in Port Alberni in 2014.

Joan has branched into science fiction with her young adult novel The Fifth Planet, coming out in March 2021. She has also written a fantasy/time travel/witchy novel to be published in October 2021. It is the first in her A Town Cursed series.

She has started a new mystery series called The Dating Coach Mysteries, the first book of which is titled The Claws of a Cat and will be out in 2021.


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