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Zach Green has an excellent memory, and likes to do little things for others. But, one evening on his way home from work, an ordinary trip to the grocery store puts his desire to help to the ultimate test. Also included: the short story "Feelings", the first story Colton Nelson ever wrote.

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Author: Colton Nelson Release Date: October 06, 2020 RCN Shorts

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Responsive: Special Edition (Paperback)


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Responsive (Paperback)


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About the Author

Colton Nelson

Author of Responsive

Colton Nelson is a novelist and script writer, and a music, web show, and short film producer and director. His extensive credits include being the creator, show runner and head script writer for the RCN Media show No Dress Code. In 2015 Colton Nelson wrote his first short story "Feelings" which he posted onto his online blog and it generated more than 3 million reads and sales. In 2015, Colton launched RCN Media, a publishing, marketing and distribution company for books, music, web shows, blogs, short films, and more. He currently works for RCN Media as the CEO and head of book publishing, where he is heavily involved with his and the company’s projects. Across all media, his content, both personal and for RCN Media, has been consumed more than 17.5 million times. Colton lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he is contemplating getting a duck tattoo.

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