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Bothers of the Heart

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Bothers of the Heart
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About the Author

Shelley Penner


A long time ago in a town far, far away, Shelley came into the world, and neither she nor it have ever been the same since. Shelley has always been a creator in many disciplines -- drawing, painting and photography as well as writing. She says, “I have always had a head full of stories. As a child I would put myself to sleep by living scenes in my imagination until I dozed off. I didn’t just make up stories, I became a part of them, I felt all the emotional nuances of the characters. Eventually, my head became so full of those imaginary people, demanding their chance to be made real in words, that I just had to start writing.” Early literary influences include the queen of Sci-Fi, Andre Norton, and Marion Zimmer Bradley, both of whose novels still maintain a permanent place in Shelley’s personal library.

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