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It is the era of the Great Depression and apple picking season is coming to an end. Fifteen-year-old James Lemley and his family works tirelessly from sun-up until dinnertime picking as many apples as they can to earn a small wage, afford food and save up enough money for when it comes time to move on. But where will they end up next? When every year is a different location, the Burchett farm is their only constant. Unfortunately, James is seriously injured, disallowing him to contribute to the family income. Is the Lemley family doomed to a life of continued poverty or will their luck soon turn around?

A Nickel a Bucket

Author: Laura Sturgeon Release Date: October 27, 2020 RCN Shorts

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A Nickel a Bucket
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Laura Sturgeon

Author of A Nickel a Bucket

Writing since the age of 12, Laura Sturgeon has published her first short story compilation, In Bloom: A Collection of Short Stories for Women. In 2019 she published her first junior fiction novel, The Big Ugly Sweater. She has written numerous articles for the Canadian Mental Health Society as well as had some published pieces in the Alberni Valley News. She is an active member in the writing community on Vancouver Island, where she lives. She has completed two children's picture book manuscripts, plus has several junior and adult fiction novels in the works. Other than writing, Laura regularly partakes in community volunteerism and events and has worked in long term care homes as a health care aide.

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