Here's to 27

Kay J Douglas

Here's to 27

Published: September 09, 2019

It’s nearly time for the release of my very first book Bob and Avery Help Helga the Witch!! Our incredible illustrator Eric has finished all the images for the book and thanks to the great efforts of this amazing team we got the text put into a first draft of the book! I made a poster that my super supportive friends and family are putting up around their towns and in their places of work. (Who is the luckiest person ever? Yes, that’s right, me.)

This is the feeling I was waiting for, this hyped-up oh-my-god-its-happening panic and excitement. The thought that in just one short month, on my 27th birthday, my first ever published book will be out into the world. I’m so lucky to have the amazing and wonderful Stephanie in my life who introduced me to the equally amazing and wonderful Colton Nelson who is making this all happen. I can’t wait to actually HOLD the book in my hands. I will likely cry with excitement. (You’ve all now been warned) I think this will be my favorite birthday yet!

The experience of this all is probably pretty different from other people who have gotten published. (Unless they self-published, to which I say congrats and kudos!) I’ve been blessed enough to have a full hands-on position with the entire making of the book. I got to find and present Eric as the potential artist, I got to be right there, involved with every image and every text change. It was where I am sitting right this second writing this blog that we put the font onto the completed pages. For this, I am eternally indebted to Colton. For even allowing this to happen, considering I tend to be just a smidge nit-picky, with a dash of high maintenance, and good ol’ heaping of stubborn. And also for putting up with the endless missed calls and texts due to my ability to fall asleep within three minutes of agreeing to a call. (Napping is an essential part of book-writing I will have you know.)

For once, instead of my birthday just meaning it’s time for Thanksgiving turkey it means something ten times better. Book release and birthday extravaganza. Featuring friends, family, a special cake by me and tacos, tacos, tacos! Oh! And did I mention that the book is being released ON MY BIRTHDAY? Here’s to 27!

-Kay J Douglas

September 09, 2019

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