SOLO A STAR WARS STORY How Much Will It Make at the Box Office

Colton Nelson

SOLO A STAR WARS STORY How Much Will It Make at the Box Office

Published: December 29, 2017

Now How much money will Han Solo make? Well, Rouge One made a nice paycheck of over a Billion. $1,058,000,000. Wow. That's a lot. It made more than I thought.

Star Wars has a name. And that name is thought on good terms. Disney knows that Star Wars is a money maker. They put more than $250 Million into making Rouge One.

My thoughts are that Solo will be the same. They (i think) put in less than $200 Million and then with POST and RE-SHOOTS. I think the cost will set Disney back just over $210 Million.

But how much will it set Disney forward? . . .

. . . If the reviews are like Rogue One, it will bring Disney in a s#!t ton. So let's break this down.

Okay, so an Episodic Star Wars Film is going to make, around $1.250 Billion plus. A Stand Alone movie should make Disney around $850 Million. I don't think that Solo will make as much as Rogue One. I think the Standard Star Wars film will make $850 - $1,250 Million.

Disney is smart they know this. So they don't put a lot into the Stand Alone films.

Here is a more understandable break down:


Budget: $210 Million

Marketing: $150 Million

Other Fees: $40 Million

This is just an easy math--guess. Non of this is facts. So don't hold me to it. But I study box offices and movies for living.

Box Office: $895 Million

The Cost to Make: $400 Million

Paying Out Investors and Cast & Crew: $295 Million

Movie Profit: $200 Million

But Colton . . . Why would Disney put out all that money to only make $200 Million?

Now we also have to know that Disney will make tie in toys and other things. The Force Awakens made over 2 Billion at the box office and took home only $750 (give or take $40,000,000) Million for Disney. And they put out around (give or take $40,000,000) $600 Million to make it.

Forbes Reported in 2015:

Analysts predict Star Wars merch will generate some $3 billion in sales in 2015, and $5 billion over the next 12 months.

Toys are good--quick--bucks. So let's say that the merch cost Disney 30% of the retail price. That's over 2 Billion in just merch. The movie is just advertisement for the shirts and toys and stocking stuffers.

And there is more money in more places..

So back to the point. Over all I think Solo: a Star Wars Story will box office around $900 Million world wide.

Make Disney $200 Million. And bring in, around, $1.5 Billion in merch. Profit One Billion in that. So adding all this up, in just merch and tickets Solo: a Star Wars Story will make Disney $1.200 Billion in just two years of being release.

Over ten years that money would look like $5 to $8 Billion. Because we never stop buying socking stuffier.

Imagine all this brain aching math. Now imagine that here is WAY more math ahead, that just in the box offices.

-Colton Nelson

December 29, 2017

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