Star Wars: Solo: A Fan's Worry

Colton Nelson

Star Wars: Solo: A Fan's Worry

Published: December 26, 2017

Solo: a Star Wars Story is set for a May 25, 2018 release date. It's had a mean history. Replacing its directors and stuff. Wow. The Disney Star Wars has had some bad days. Almost all the films have had to re-shoot and replace someone and whatnot.

We get this film 6 months after the Last Jedi. But there is a small problem with that.

We are getting the next Star Wars film 18 months after that. We fans have been spoiled with having one Star Wars film every 12 months.

The plan was for Star Wars to go back to it's May release time. But with Episode 8 being pushed back 6 months and Episode 9 the same, it's messed things up.

And I understand. S#!t happens. We have to change things. But as an OCD fan. I don't wanna wait 18 months for another Star Wars movie.

So should we have them push the film back? Well, from my point of view, yes. I think we should push it back to December.

But from Disney Point of View, no. Fan already have heard of the horrors of what happened with Lord and Miller. And all these re-shoots. Fans would think that Disney and Lucas Film are having trouble.

Part of the reason why Justice League failed at the box office was that of fans hearing about all the directing changes. This and That. (And also their films before it, in the DCEU, getting a bad review. --other than Wonder Woman--.)

-Colton Nelson

December 26, 2017

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