How Much Money Will The Last Jedi Make?

Colton Nelson

How Much Money Will The Last Jedi Make?

Published: December 19, 2017

The Last Jedi's Box office has reached $500 Million. It's only been out for four days. It has almost broken many, records. But The Force Awakens has out beat it.

Personally, I thought that this movie wasn't going to come even close to what the Force Awakens did, box office wise. Man, was I wrong. This film has better reviews than Episode 7. That was a shocker, too.

So the real question is, will the movie make enough money to break even. For most films, twice their budget would be a break even. So you would think that this film, with a $200 Million, would have already broken even. But no (See more here). The Last Jedi needs to make just under a billion to break even. Maybe $850 Million. (These are personal estimates). I believe that this film will reach that number. But how much will it make?

Well that answer, now, lives with the reviews. Did this movie get good enough reviews to warrant people watching it twice, or three or four times? Personally, I think this film will make 1.255 Billion at the box office before it hits home video.

Making a nice sum of cash for Disney.

I will write a more detailed box office review in the new year.

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December 19, 2017

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