Justice League Failed!

Colton Nelson

Justice League Failed!

Published: December 18, 2017

How much money did Avengers make in it's Box Office Run? $1.5 BILLION. That's "billion" with a big "B". Its sequel is just one point behind it. $1.4 Billion. So DC Comics' Justice League would at least break the billion dollar mark? Right? Come on, sure it will. Did it?

No, it did not. Making almost a billion less than Marvel's 2012 Avengers with $635 Million. (PS, I added an extra million for rounding.)

For most films, $635,000,000 is fantastic. But when you have people like, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and freaking Superman, odds are you're gonna have a few people lining up to see the film.

The budget is $300 million.

But Colton, it made twice that. So why is it a failure?

Well, that's how much it cost to MAKE. How much do you think it costs to play a 30-second ad on TV, just once? For a program like the Big Bang Theory, it's about $225,000. So add up a few ads for TV, some posters and more. I wouldn't be surprised if they spent another $250 million on promotion and marketing. So let's say that the film, for easy math, cost $500 Million.

Okay, so the film made $135 Million.

Wrong. The theaters take a small cut. And other fees that I don't even know the names of.

A movie normally needs to make twice its budget for a "break even".

Star Wars brought in just over two billion, at the box office, in December 2015's Release. It only made $780 Million.

Big name movie has to make more to make more. So if it's a standard film, it needs to make three or four times its box office to be a success. Most movies fail and lose money.

But they, normally make break even or make money from DVD sales and selling the rights to Netflix and TV Networks.

So, I would guess that Justice League would have to make $800 Million, to break even.

So why didn't it break even? Why didn't it make lots of money? It's a big name film. The first time we ever got a Justice League. Comic fans have been waiting for this for years and year. What gives?

Bad DC Comic films from 2013 to 2016.

okay, People saw Batman v Superman and hated it. People saw Man of Steel and thought: "That was but not great". Suicide Squad, was the worst film in the DCEU, in my world. It was a plotless mess.

The only film that did well was Wonder Woman.

People just had enough. They had bad hopes for the film. The movie wasn't shown well in the news. It had to change directors. People talked about Ben's Batman contract. People just had negative things to say about "this and that" during all of its stages of production. It also got mixed reviews, and so people didn't see it.

It didn't help that Thor 3 was in theaters, just two weeks before. People with a budget don't wanna waste their money on a film that could be a failure. So they went to see the MCU films and then saved for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

But was Justice League a bad film?

No! It was good. It mastered all the movie formulas and knew when it was right to crack a joke. I liked it. It was better than every DCEU film other than Wonder Woman.

The lesson DC should learn here is that Justice League was good. But the movies to proceed it were shit, other than WW.

Where should DC head now? Reboot. Just reboot it. Start over.

-Colton Nelson, RCN Media.

And Wonder Woman, Wow. Just wow. She was . . . How do I say this . . . Wonder Woman was beautiful, to say the least. If you are a man, and you wanna see this film in theaters, you better wear a long jacket.

-Colton Nelson

December 18, 2017

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