Untouchable - Eminem Review

Colton Nelson

Untouchable - Eminem Review

Published: December 08, 2017

So it looks likes I was wrong. We are getting an album next week. Star Wars Day, too!

This song was well crafted. Well done Em'.

He his telling a very big story. And he's 99% right in his whole song.

This song takes on racism. It talks about how the white man is a**h**es towards the black man.

This song is 6 minutes summary of the racism, in the USA, right now.

I will put a link to the lyrics below.

Read them and listen to the song at the same time.

It is true that being white a gift.

There are a lot of racists out there and here, in this song, we get the point of view of the victim.

It's a culture difference. .?

I didn't really care for paying attention to the news around this. But, while listening to this, I cared. Em' made me care.

He made me think. Realize the other side.

This song isn't "a rap" song. It's an "emotional truth about the world" song.

I am a moderate-conservative. So this song should be offensive to me; this posts should be about Em' just asking for attention and does know about the black culture. (He is white. But we aren't listening to the African American people. So someone has to step up).

This song should mean, to my political side of me, that there is no racism, and Em' is just trying to be black.

People are gonna mock this song. Republicans are gonna hate this:

Don't attack Em'. Listen to him.

Who am I kidding, tomorrow people are gonna be more polarized. People against Eminem and people standing alongside him. Try to at least understand.

And feel like s#!t for being white. It did for me. My eyes are open now, even though (like I said) it shouldn't. This will make you think

This song needs to be listed to by everyone.

It's not a song. It's the truth. Not everyone is racist. This doesn't happen everywhere, but it happens enough, more than once, to be a problem.

A history lesson and an eye-opener.

I have so much to say about this, but it's bedtime.

It's a damn good song. Genius wordplay. Amazing.


Em' is posted about how things are. He should be.

If you aren't pissed, then this song is for you.

I needed this eye opener, so do you.

This song gets a 4.94/5 stars. And this is coming from a non-rap lover.

. . .

100% honest review by Colton Nelson.

-Colton Nelson

December 08, 2017

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