Lord of the Rings TV SHOW - Amazon Spends $250 MILLION

Colton Nelson

Lord of the Rings TV SHOW - Amazon Spends $250 MILLION

Published: November 19, 2017

Lord of the Ring is coming to Amazon Prime as a Multi TV Show.

What would the TV Series be about? It looks like they are making a prequel. Or two, maybe three. Or ten. Who knows. Amazon bought the rights to spin-offs as well.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end soon, someone has to find the next "big" thing. The Sword of Shannara tried but didn't do well. It's moved to two different networks but refuses to get the "good" ratings. The Shannara Chronicles won't last more than its two, current, seasons. Maybe three.

Outlander seems to be doing well and will last a while longer. "The Woman's Game of Thrones" it was called. Game of Thrones was, originally, a men's TV show. That has changed.

Amazon Prime is a Netflix wannabe. But, it's looking more and more attractive, every day. Spending $11.00 (In the USA) per month gets you UNLIMITED 2-day FREE shipping on any orders, big or small. Plus, FREE 1 day shipping in some locations. Amazon Video, the Netflix-like branch. Prime Video is full of movies and TV shows from major networks, and original programming. Music branch that is like Spotify, just like Spotify. And more. All for $11.00/month in the USA. Wow.

So, can Amazon make the next Game of Thrones? Well . . . they think they can. They spent 250 MILLION on just getting the rights for the show. If they are spending 1/4 of a billion on just having the bragging rights, they sure as hell are gonna spend BIG on production. Probably more than any other show. Game of Thrones spent more than ten million on each episode. I wouldn't be surprised if they spent more than fifteen to twenty million per episode.

This can be the best thing to ever happen to online streaming or it could be the end of Amazon. Or worse, it could butcher Lots of the Rings' reputation of being . . . what's the word? . . . BLOODY AWESOME!

Amazon has the rights to make a tv show and spin-offs. Them spending $250 million on just the rights alone is sort of a deal. The movies made 3 BILLION and another 3 BILLION for the Hobbit Trilogy. If Amazon invests $1 Billion and gets five million more Prime Subscribers, I'm sitting pretty. Why?

Amazon Prime is a marketing tool. Let's look at Prime with just the free shipping, two days. If I paid $10 for the shipping (Which is a deal in its own, if you buy one item. 2-day shipping would cost way more, if it was anywhere else, for just one package.) Then we would spend more. Hey, why not. Cheap shipping. Great prices. And who doesn't like having a package delivered straight to your door? And you don't even have to leave the house.

This is Amazon's up on any other retail store. Now add in Amazon Video & Music. No extra cost, to you. You feel like you're getting a deal, and there for you keep shopping there. Plus whenever you use a Prime service you see Amazon's logo everywhere. They are making it so you always have them on your mind.

It sounds bad. But it's not. Amazon doesn't make money from the prime memberships. They lose money. Like I said, it costs more for one package to be shipped than it does for the monthly fee. But Amazon makes the money from the consistent sales.

Amazon is smart. Amazon doesn't make mistakes, most of the time.

They will also make more sales just from this news alone. People talk about Amazon buying Lord of the Rings in the news. They get free press. Press and coverage = advertisement = sales. Hell, I just bought two Brandon Sanderson books, just now, from Amazon.

Long story short. Amazon buying Lord of the Rings is a marketing plan. You Subscribe to watch the show, and then you see the logo everywhere. You then start shipping on their site because of the free shipping.

Now, this does mean that the show needs to be good. You won't subscribe if the show was bad. But, if the show got awesome reviews. Everybody likes it. It wins awards. And so on, then you'll subscribe.

Now I know I scared you a bit there. Amazon isn't the first person to use their marketing format. It's a good deal. I recommend Amazon Prime to everyone I know. I live in a small town with very little stores. Amazon has everything I need. So there is no need for me to drive 60 clicks to the next city to buy a book.

For what it's worth if you have Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and other services I can't remember: Drop them. They would cost you 10 times less with Prime.

P.s. Amazon didn't sponsor this. I am just giving you my opinion. Don't believe me: Amazon is a fat pig robbing us and brainwashing us. All true. See not sponsored. Gotta watch my back, though, the last guy to talk shit about them disappeared. So, even not paid, don't talk shit about Amazon.

Back to the point. This is a big investment for Amazon. It's gonna be a good one if done right. And who knows, they might not even get to make the shows.

For books when you sell the rights, they are for a limited time. Unless they go into production. Normally authors sell the rights for "x" years. (let's call "x" five years, which is common.) In five years you have to get the film into production, otherwise, the rights go back to the author and you lose all that money. Happens all the time.

But I think it will happen. Why spend 1/4 billion dollars, without a plan.

So when will we see this show? At least a year. 2020 would be a good time. They have a lot of work to do.

I know I will be watching it. I think it's a good idea. I think putting out more than $250,000,000 into jobs is a lot better than putting $250,000,000 into a offshore account.

I'll end up making a better review of this deal later on.

I am new to blogging. But I do know that you need to make posts different than all the other coverage. Otherwise, it's just copying.

-Colton Nelson

November 19, 2017

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