Justice League Movie Review

Colton Nelson

Justice League Movie Review

Published: November 18, 2017

Justice League come out last night. I was super pumped. I had my tickets two weeks beforehand ready for the first showing at my local theater.

Costing me an awesome $39.00 for two tickets. I guess they have to pay back that $300 million dollars (not including marketing costs, which can be from 30 - 200 million more.)

The movie was "good" but not "great". Batman vs Superman (BvS) put me to sleep in the theaters. (I still use it to put me to sleep, when my sleeping pills don't work.) This movie kept me awake the whole time.

It's better than Suicide Squad (a plot lacking that can make you feel more depressed that Eminem was, back in the day.)

Justice League master when, and when not, to throw out a joke. This was good. BvS failed beyond comprehension.

Justice League did a lot better with plotting. It is easier to follow and understand that, other than Wonder Woman, and did a bang-up job introducing The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Though the Flash could have used a little more "TLC".

Let's talk about Superman. The CGI removal of the mustache. It's sure as hell noticeable. But they really did a good job, for a talk that was almost impossible.

With only a few minor plotting issues and noticeable CGI (Cyborg, too), and small mistakes here and there, the movie was pretty good.

With all things against them, I mean. I'll explain. I'm only comparing this to DCEU films. Not to other films. If I did that then it would be a while another review.

The director stepping down and a new one coming in (his daughter died). The Mustache! Pressure to get the film out quicker. And an already bad reputation with other DCEU films.

Adding those up, this film could have easily been a fucking awful movie.

But it didn't. 3.85/5.00. Let's compare, shall we?

Wonder Woman 4.25/5.00

Justice League 3.85/5.00

Man of Steel 3.65/5.00

Suicide Squad 2.99/5.00

Batman vs Superman 2.57/5.00

My recommendation: Watch it in theaters. Cheap Night, that's Tuesday for me. But the first night it's cheap. Don't spend more than $12.00/person.

Who's better? The CW's The Flash (The character's portrait) or Justice League's?

-Colton Nelson

November 18, 2017

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