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Abriel Chadwick is a Vancouver Island self-taught artist. Working in the field of digital art, illustration and design. Her goal as an artist is to help and inspire people by creating art in ways that people can enjoy and learn from. As a self-taught artist she plans to continue to educate herself and practice until she becomes a pro in the digital world of art. In her spare time she loves to sketch, read, do crafts and journal. And she's a major crazy cat lady.

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My name is Abriel Chadwick. I was born in Campbell River here on Vancouver Island and have always loved the island and happy to call it my home. I am personally travelled from Florida to Ontario and Vancouver over the years of my life. Finally I’m officially back on the island living in the Comox Valley in Courtenay. Regarding the subject of art, I’ve always been so amazed by art and how it has evolved these past years, especially digital art. I’ve been drawing since I was just a little girl, learning from my mom and aunties. Drawing has always been something I’d do that is very therapeutic and calming. The idea of being an artist as a job has always been a dream ever since I was a little girl, and now it is reality. As a self-made artist I’m constantly learning and growing into a professional artist, especially when it comes to doing digital art. Of course I’ll always be a fan of pencil and paper, yet the world is evolving everyday and moving towards a more digital world. Lastly, my art is made in ways to help and inspire others. I’ve always had a dream of my art inspiring people and making people relate and smile to.

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