RCN Media is publishing, distribution, production, and marketing company for content like books, music, web series and more. It's currently working on publishing books from the best of the best writers. RCN Media works closely with it's authors to make sure their vision becomes a reality, because of this RCN Media limits how many books they publish a year.


Colton Nelson is a novelist and script writer, and a music, web show, and short film producer and director. His extensive credits include being the creator, show runner and head script writer for the RCN Media show No Dress Code. In 2015 Colton Nelson wrote his first short story Feelings which he posted onto his online blog and it generated more than 3 million reads and sales. In 2015, Colton launched RCN Media, a publishing, marketing and distribution company for books, music, web shows, blogs, short films, and more. He currently works for RCN Media as the CEO and head of book publishing, where he is heavily involved with his and the company’s projects. Across all media, his content, both personal and for RCN Media, has been consumed more than 17.5 million times. Colton lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he is contemplating getting a duck tattoo.

Kaitlyn Powell is a multi talented artist, but tends to focus on being a illustrator. Her current project is illustrating the upcoming graphic novel The Beauty of Time, whom she is co-creating with Colton Nelson. In her spare time she loves to read, write poetry, learn, and find new forms of art. Some sources say she is "heckin' adorable" but those sources have yet to be determined as credible. And no, she is not Asian, we've checked.

Kay J Douglas is a North American author known for her Adventures of Bob and Avery series. Kay lives on Vancouver Island, where she is probably napping with her family of animals: two cats (Bob and Avery), a dog (Zeus), and her boyfriend. She is also working on an upcoming novel for young adults, coming out in 2020. You can find out more at www.kayjdouglas.com, or follow her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bobandavery.

Eric Gardiner is a Zimbabwean born freelance artist and digital illustrator. At the age of nine, his family immigrated to South Africa, establishing a new life. Ten years later, while completing a degree in Digital Arts at The University of the Witwatersrand, he seized the opportunity to illustrate The Adventures of Bob and Avery. He enjoys illustrating architecture, animals and abstract designs. In addition to a passion for art he is also an enthusiastic coder with aspirations to work on video game development after completing his formal education.

Derek Hanebury is a Vancouver Island writer of fiction, poetry, and narrative non-fiction. His poems and stories have been published in many magazines and broadcasted on CBC radio; and his first novel, Ginger Goodwin: Beyond the Forbidden Plateau, (Arsenal Pulp) went to a second printing. His first book of poetry Nocturnal Tonglen (Ekstasis)was released in 2006. He has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from UBC and taught writing at North Island College on Vancouver Island until his retirement into full-time writing in 2017.

Libbie Morin embarked on her creative writing path while a student at North Island College. She loves to write about her diverse life experiences: growing up in Toronto, living on an isolated island off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, hanging with the artist's community in Tofino and generally ferreting out the poignant and bizarre. She won the E. Bickle Award for Writing at NIC and has had work published in the premier issue of NIC Zeitgiest, the E-zine Pages of Stories. and most recently, in Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast. She continues her spoken-word involvement with Words on Fire.

Vicki Drybrough’s work was first published in her local newspaper when she was fourteen. She didn’t submit another piece until 2008, when Shipwrecked received an honourable mention from the Burnaby Writers’ Society. In 2010 her poem, Ermest and Martha and a short story, The Little Lion were both published in the summer edition of Island Writer Magazine. Stuart McLean read her short story Macaroni and Cheese, on CBC Radio in October 2011 and published it in his book, Time Now for the Vinyl Café Story Exchange in 2013. David Fraser included her short prose piece, First Impressions and a poem, Quitting Time in Franklin River in his 2011 anthology, Close to Quitting Time. She won second prize for her flash fiction piece, Beer Cans in 2013 and her poem, Get Thee Gone, Romeo appeared in the anthology, What We Carry Home. In 2014, Mark Forsyth included two of her articles, My Mother’s War and A Boy Soldier’s Diary in his book, From the West Coast to the Western Front. She was also a finalist in the 2016 Cedric Literary Awards for her story, Access Road. In 2018 her story, Mr. Wardrop, won second prize in the Victoria Writers’ Society’s short fiction contest and appeared in the winter edition of Island Writer Magazine. She is a founding member of Words on Fire and has read at The Fat Oyster, Wordstorm and 15 Minutes of Infamy. She is currently working on her first novel.